Glee: A Wedding
February 20, 2015 10:06 PM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Everyone travels to Indiana for a gay barn wedding. And oh, it is glorious and will make you mushy despite yourself.

Seriously, I gotta give this an A and wish it was the finale episode. There's a few bizarre moments here and there (Ken Jeong...sigh...why?), but that's Glee. And hell, even Tina spontaneously proposing to Mike outta nowhere was eventually made to work when she and Artie had lunch and admitted to feeling left out by being single when others are getting married, and agreed to be backup fiancees.

Oh, and Sue managed to get Abuela to come to the wedding in order to snag herself and her uh...trackcedo a wedding invitation. Oh, and IT WAS A DOUBLE WEDDING WITH KURT AND BLAINE. Of course. There was much music and dancing and it was lovely. And Burt officiated.

It was lovely. I'm glad my friend bailed on our dinner plans for tonight so I could watch it. Darn you, Ryan Murphy, but you do make teen gay weddings look good instead of a terrifying idea and I can't even be bothered to mumble that that's a bad idea after this episode. D'awwwwwwwwww!
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I didn't love this one. First off, only 4 songs for a wedding episode and 1 of them was Hey Ya? Yuck.

This episode underlined why this season should have taken place after the original New Directions had graduated from college. It's really weird to see two pairs of 18-19 year old kids getting married and really think all will go well.

This season has been very gay marriage centric for several episodes and it's really hitting you over the head with the message. And it's like, I'm pro marriage for everyone...just maybe not teenagers.

Other thoughts:

Sugar Motta is back for some reason. I guess so they could have a Trouble Tones reunion?

How dare this show waste Gloria Estefan like that again?

And Gina Gershon?

And this season really is about the marginalization of Will Schuester. He didn't get a line at all in the episode, did he? I was actually beginning to think he wouldn't even be in it.
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Really dug Mercedes version of "At Last."
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