Special Event: MST3K Vs. Gamera Round 2: GAMERA VS JIGER
February 15, 2024 4:09 PM - Subscribe

The second of a set of three fan productions; the first two were made in 2019, the third was delayed but is said to be almost ready for the world. (When it is released, we'll try to show it if possible.) When this production was made, MST3K Season 11 was fresh in people's memories, but Gamera vs Jiger had yet to be riffed in Season 13. Crow and Servo are joined by hapless test subject Helmut Crusoe, who is subjected to Gamera movies by a goofy second banana-wannabe called the Crimson Weirdo. The makers place these episodes in continuity between the Comedy Central and Sci-Fi Channel eras of the show.
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MST Club continues its sacred mission of showing funny riffing and weird movies, Thursday nights at https://cytu.be/r/metafilter_mst3kclub!
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