Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Paths Unknown
February 22, 2024 5:01 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Following a lead, Hunter and Wrecker make a startling discovery.
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I was really happy to see that the other clones were remembered and recognized by the show. I do wish that CF-99 would actually call these other clones their brothers as well. They only do so sometimes.

But at least they remember these kids and are looking out for them.

Also if you look at the voice cast, one of them is the same actor that played Boba Fett in TCW.
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And that was Anjelica Huston as Roland’s crime boss mom! I thought she sounded familiar.

Hunter and Wrecker have been living hard these past six months given the state of their armor. I had hoped Echo would stay with them but I understand why he’s helping Rex instead.
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Hunter is... to be generous, hyperfocused. The plan of going to those coordinates without backup was not great. And, why didn't they load the two extra cadets on the Marauder immediately? They were going to want to leave quickly no matter what. Or they were going to die in the creepy base, in which case the kids should be on the ship waiting for Rex and Echo.

And I know they've been downplaying the chips in the last season, but don't those kids need brain surgery?

The science-experiment-gone-wrong planet really was great. Raising a lot of questions about what Hemlock was/is doing. Was that vine thing part sarlacc?
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Those cadets weren’t on Kamino that long but somebody made sure they knew about “defective” 99s. I can see why the Beebs don’t feel much clone solidarity.
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Ahhh I was trying to figure out where I knew that voice from!! Anjelica Huston, damn. I would never have guessed.

That vine thing sure LOOKS part sarlacc. Hell, it seems totally canon compatible to me that the empire created sarlaccs and dropped them on random outer rim planets to see what would happen.

Watching this made me realize how much I've been missing new Star Wars content.
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