Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Shadows of Tantiss
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Omega and Crosshair hatch a daring plan.
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I suspected that a Crosshair/Omega pairing would have great comedic potential which was born out by this episode. His head clutching every time she made something up on the fly was great. I hope we get more time with just the two of them.

So, with the understanding that Star Wars science is just Calvinball, what does this new development mean for Omega? That she’s a potential host or something? And how did Nala Se know this already?
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According to Star Wars science, you can clone a human, but you can’t clone midi-chlorians (that’s the M-word that they’re conspicuously trying to avoid saying), so a clone can never be force sensitive. And while the Jedi can live on after death as a Force Ghost, the Sith can’t. But the Sith can cling on to life so strongly that they can cheat death by transferring their consciousness into another body.

Thus, if Palpatine had clones with midi-chlorians, it would give him massive powers: the power to retroactively fix enormous plot holes in Star Wars films further ahead in the timeline.
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A few years back, I think Dave Filoni looked at that “Somehow, Palpatine has returned!” thing in Fortnite, sighed, and got his laptop out.
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FallibleHuman, that appears to be the exact reasoning behind a lot of this.

That said, I was wondering if Omega was going to be Force-sensitive, but it looks like she's just special because her blood can support midichlorians, but she doesn't have them herself? It's a bit confusing.

Still interested in where Emerie is going to fall on all of this. And wondering why Omega and Crosshair didn't even consider trying to free any of the other clones? Yes, they had little time and didn't know who to trust, but I wish they had at least mentioned it.
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Last we heard, the special thing about Omega was her lack of alterations - maybe the Kaminoan enhancements are the problem? And if the Emperor wants Kamino improvements for his clones, like the accelerated aging that Moff Gideon's clones had later in the timeline, then Omega may be a scientific red herring.

This was a fun episode.
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