Star Wars: The Bad Batch: A Different Approach
February 29, 2024 5:53 AM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Stranded in dangerous territory, Omega and Crosshair must work together.
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I really enjoyed this episode. Geordies in spaaaaaaace!

Crosshair and Omega are shaping up to be a pretty formidable pair. They've got complementary skills, they've got the banter, they've got a dog. She's teaching him to be less bloodthirsty, he's trying to get her to wise up a little. You can see Crosshair's concern about his diminished marksmanship abilities which makes him seem less of a feckless jerk. And of course that closing scene! So many hurt feelings summed up with silent glares. In a just galaxy they would now see a really good family therapist.
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Omega's strategy at the end of this episode seems solid. Happy reunion first, then introduce the strays she's brought home, starting with the least charismatic. (Wrecker seems like a dog person?)

Crosshair complained some, but I think the only argument he won was not hanging around the crash site to download coordinates to a place they do not want to go back to. Otherwise, well done following orders, keep that up.
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I like the way they left the emotional reunion hanging at the end. Because Wrecker and Hunter must have some really mixed feelings about Crosshair.

Remember the last time they saw him he had been trying to kill them on Kamino -- although he then saved Omega. And then they tried to find him, and he got that message out -- but they lost Tech.

And they don't know anything about what he's been going through, either, just that he was imprisoned in the same place as Omega. Presumably they are happy he helped her escape, but... uncertain about his loyalties, much less his emotional connection to them.

I would like to know what Omega has told him: I cannot say I'm entirely happy that the conversation in which she reveals Tech's fate was entirely offscreen. I have to assume she did tell him, however: she could never hide that kind of information from anyone she cares about.
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The Crosshair and Omega storyline was the best part of the three part opener and that just continued on into this episode. I appreciated how they brought back Omega's pastime playing cards with the gang as a skill that literally pays off. Crosshair's aim has also gotten better somehow between this and the last episode, but I'm not complaining.
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