Giant (1956)
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[TRAILER] Wealthy Texas rancher Bick Benedict (Rock Hudson) shakes things up at home when he returns from a trip to the East Coast with a love interest, the refined Leslie Lynnton (Elizabeth Taylor). Bick and Leslie get married, but she clashes with his sister, Luz (Mercedes McCambridge), and wins the admiration of the ambitious young Jett Rink (James Dean). Bick and Jett form a tense rivalry that continues to surface as the years pass and fortunes change in this sweeping drama.

Also starring Carroll Baker, Jane Withers, Chill Wills, Sal Mineo, Dennis Hopper, Elsa Cárdenas, Earl Holliman.

Directed by George Stevens. Screenplay by Fred Guiol, Ivan Moffat. Based on the 1952 novel of the same name by Edna Ferber. Produced by George Stevens, Henry Ginsberg for Warner Brothers. Cinematography William C. Mellor. Edited by William Hornbeck, Philip W. Anderson, Fred Bohanan. Music by Dimitri Tiomkin.

88% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Ooh, also... should have mentioned...

This is on TCM at 9:30 Central tonight, if you're a person who still has/watches regular cable television.
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This weirdly felt like one of those Big Event TV Miniseries that they always had in the 1970s and 80s...but....better?
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I'm a bit surprised this hasn't been remade as like a six episode TV series for Max.
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Oh I loved this one, even as a teenager in the 2000s!
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No miniseries, but it did provide the inspiration for a fourteen season series in Dallas (1978-1991)
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My favorite line, as delivered by a wheezy Chill Wills: Bick, you shoulda shot that fella a long time ago. Now he's too rich to kill.
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