The Regime: Victory Day
March 5, 2024 11:26 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

As Elena prepares for Victory Day, a weary Zubak arrives at the Palace - where he learns about the chancellor's strict health precautions.

AV Club: Kate Winslet goes full absurd
EW: Kate Winslet's dictator dramedy falls flat
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Yeah. I wanted more Veep. I got something... much, much worse.
posted by kbanas at 11:33 AM on March 5

I'll give this show a few more episodes, but I wasn't won over by the pilot. I think I cracked a smile....once? There wasn't enough humor to it - I don't mind bleak, and didn't find it too bleak, just not terribly entertaining - I'd go so far as to call this episode a bit boring. But pilots sometimes aren't the best predictor of how a show will develop - I'm curious if the reviews got to see the full series or are just based on the first few episodes.
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The tone was different from what the trailer seemed to indicate, but I enjoyed it enough that I'll stick with it. Kate Winslet is really putting her all into it.
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I tapped out after about 20 minutes. This could be a very trenchant satire, particularly for those who keep up with the news, but I just wasn't seeing it.
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The only really good scene was Elena performing the song/speech at the public function that started out OK but gradually got worse and more painful the longer that it went on. A truly funny satirical moment, very deftly handled by Winslet. We need a lot more of that if this show is going to work.
posted by Atom Eyes at 4:39 PM on March 5

We really wanted to watch and love a bonkers Veep-style take on Central/Eastern European politics, but this... wasn't it.

It felt like it was another satire of UK politics, but in ex-Soviet Bloc drag.
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I was very confused by this. Tonally it has all the markers of satire, but i couldn’t tell what the targets are. Britain? The US? Capitalism? The media? Governance and petty politicking? Central Europe? Pretty baffling, and the apparent draping of an interpretive shroud of Britishness over the fictional country just made everything even less focused. That made sense in Chernobyl but is just weird in this. Not 100% writing it off, maybe there’s something interesting going on but I have no idea what it is yet.
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