Delicious in Dungeon: Roast Basilisk/Omelet/Kakiage
March 20, 2024 11:03 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Team Touden continues to explore the odd treetop "level" of the dungeon, while seeing other parties as well - and with rations rather than resorting to hunting. But even this early in the dungeon is dangerous if you're not prepared...or if you're letting jealousy color your view...

With introductions our of the way, the series moves to building our character dynamics - in particular those between Marceille and Senshi, who being members of races with bad blood between them carry elements of that feud into their relationship. In addition, Marceille is struggling with the reality that for the time being, Senshi's practical knowledge is more useful to the party than her studies (especially when Laios and Senshi team up to take down a basilisk to save another party.) This results in a Very Bad Idea for harvesting mandrake using giant bats that backfires horribly - resulting in a valuable (if painful) lesson for the elf.

The big food porn part is, understandably, the roast basilisk, which looks like a delicious oversized roast turkey. (It's worth noting that Studio Trigger hired an animator who specializes in food for the cooking glamour shots, which makes them even more food porny. Team Touden also find basilisk eggs, letting them make omlettes, and a "waste not, want not" attitude results in some fried giant bat, tempura style.
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So, the other big bit with character interactions is Senshi and Chilchuck, as the team's lockpick winds up dealing with a chef who has some unorthodox uses for traps in cooking - and their interactions with the trap room are interesting. In the end, the two come to a better understanding of each other, and a respect for the skills they bring to the party (as well as a delicious meal.)
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Senshi straight up knifing the mandrakes in the face before their head fully emerges.... don't let the pleasant demeanor fool you, that dude's hardcore.
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Senshi is a man who has weapons grade cookware (specifically, an adamantite pan and a mithril chef's knife.)
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