Delicious in Dungeon: Living Armor
March 24, 2024 10:17 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Finally entering the castle proper, Team Touden finds themselves at a tricky impass, as the path to move further into the castle is guarded by suits of living armor - a threat that Laios himself has fallen to (he got better, thankfully.) But this means no meals, as living armor are magical constructs, not living creatures...right?

Of course they're living creatures - this is Delicious in Dungeon!

Though this actually sets up an interesting scenario, as it turns out the living armor behavior is understandable - it turns out the colony of molluscs (as that's what living armor is) has an egg sac, making them particularly defensive. This is also an episode where we get to see exactly why it's Team Touden, as the fight between Laios and the elite armor demonstrates that for all his goofiness, he is a skilled combatant who is capable of thinking things through logically in the heat of battle (something that will pay off when we finally get back to the red dragon.)

Mealtime here is a feast of living armor, prepared in a variety of ways that shellfish would typically be prepared - steaming, cooked in the shell, and such. The steamed helmet winds up being a bit musty, but overall the meal goes well for all involved. And it seems that Laios has a pet now, too...
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So when the Living Armor appeared, my thought was, "OK, finally something the party can't eat." And I was wrong. Dang!
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I was intrigued by the ecology of the living armor, where the mollusks build the armor around themselves, rather than just inhabiting armor that they found. I would've liked to see some immature armor, though. (I also liked the creeping coins predating on mimics.)
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