Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Bad Territory
March 21, 2024 3:19 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Desperate for intel, Hunter and Wrecker track down a dangerous bounty hunter. 
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“I’m not going to like it, am I?”
“You don’t like anything.”

The animation in this episode was superlative, especially the underwater bits. But now we’re halfway through the season and it doesn’t feel like we’ve advanced the ball very far. Also, Phee remains mid, I was kind of hoping she’d stay gone.
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It was a very quest-chainy type of episode in that they had to talk to Phee to get to Fennec who had them go after Kermit the Assassin or whoever that was. But it was a bit of fun to have them take the river boat up the Mekong DeltaSpace Alligator River to go after the guy; you half expect to hear "Fortunate Son" during the big croc battle. My main disappointment was that I was expecting the bounty hunter to be someone else who appeared in the teaser for this season.
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Halloween Jack, I suspect Mystery Person on the other end of Fennec's comm call is our Other Person from Trailers.
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Or other person's (supposed) boyfriend.
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the animation in this show has gotten really good. I always enjoyed the specific stylistic choices of the star wars animation - making the shows look like plastic action figures have come to life. A few little details I noticed include - eye contact. 3-d rendering of Omega's net jacket. Shading on the back of Omega's hair. Smog boiling off the water.
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Hooray for Space Crocs

Megafauna on every planet please

Also, new Bounty Hunter mobile has a similar Design Concept as the razorcrest, I'm digging thT we got two new ship designs
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Megafauna on every planet please

"Roll 1d2 for megafauna encounter"
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