Star Wars: The Bad Batch: The Harbinger
March 27, 2024 3:41 PM - Season 3, Episode 9 - Subscribe

As the Batch plans their next move, a mysterious stranger arrives.

Featuring—wait for it—a magafauna attack! Who would’ve guessed? Also, no explanation of how Asajj Ventress is alive after being most assuredly dead in the canon novel Dark Disciple.
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I think there are two different things going on here: Vader is snatching up Force-sensitives to use as Inquisitors—that’s what Ventress was talking about. Team Tantiss is looking for a suitable host (yuck!!) for Palpatine’s whatever. Omega isn’t Force sensitive but she is a possible m-count transplantee. And what would the implications of THAT be?

It’s too bad Asajj already has a fella. I think she and Crosshair would get on like peas and carrots.
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I had another thought: suppose Omega is Force sensitive but has an inhibitor chip to keep her from using it? Star Wars science is Calvinball after all.
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Ventress is back, baby! She was my favorite character from TCW and although she had a noble death, I always wanted to believe that she was only mostly dead. (She's from the same planet as Maul, after all...) And she's not necessarily still with her "fella", so who knows. At one point, she was going to show up in the sequel trilogy, although that ended up not happening. It would be pure awesome if she popped up in one of the live action things, say Ahsoka, what with her past with the title character and all.
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I haven't watched The Clone War, but now I'm interested to watch the episodes with Ventress.
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Anyone else think the fuselage of her ship looked like a B-29? Very cool design.
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Monday, stony Monday: there are some guides online that list her appearances, although they can be confusing (the Wookieepedia article has her appearances in video games and comic books as well as the TV episodes). AFAIK, her first appearance was in the Clone Wars cartoon mini-series by Genndy Tartakovsky; then she's in the The Clone Wars movie, then in the The Clone Wars series proper.
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do you mean a B-wing? i thought Ventress' ship looked like a B wing

also, Megafauna unlocked. squidness achieved.
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The front canopy of the ship, with a rounded bump at the top and a flatter section angled back below that is similar to some WWII American bombers, like certain models of the B-17, the B-24 and the B-26.
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And by B-26 I obviously mean B-25, like this B-25J.
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