X-Men '97: Fire Made Flesh
March 28, 2024 9:19 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

When a visitor arrives at the mansion with a dangerous secret that threatens Cyclops and Jean's relationship, the team is propelled into a tragic confrontation with an immortal mad scientist.
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io9 has got to be kidding. Inferno in the comics was an incredibly stupid retcon that was forced on Claremont by Shooter, which he hated writing. X-Men 97’s speed-run through the story was a vast improvement.
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I feel like a lot happened in a very short window of time.

And the clone's transformation looked exactly like the Sailor Moon transformation; thought that was hilarious and awesome.
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Yeah Inferno was an event, and maybe sold a lot of comics, but it wasn't a good storyline at all. It was a neat idea to have all the mutant titles interact but it could have done with a better story.
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the clone's transformation looked exactly like the Sailor Moon transformation

Disney is obviously throwing giant wads of cash at Studio Mir, and they’re just fucking killing it.
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Yeah, Inferno was the start of my exit from reading X-Men as a teenager.
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Same. It might have been the last event I engaged with even before my ultimate exit from comics a year or 2 later (wiki says it was from 89 which checks with my internal calendar). That article though? I read it earlier today and I was very confused. Inferno the comic event was pretty bad overall. Was it nostalgia blinding that writer or maybe a younger reader coming at it with less baggage? Less than half an hour is all it deserves.
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i do wonder what it is like if you don't know these stories already, but i am enjoying the melodrama of packing these stories into these intense minutes.

battles on the astral plane are the best.
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I appreciate the variations in the intro week-to-week. I really liked Roberto running from the angry mob into the chain-link fence, recreating the bit with Jubilee in the original.

Nice as it was to hear "Previously on X-Men" (before hitting "skip recap"), I missed hearing it said by the late Norm Spencer, Cyclops' voice actor in the previous series.
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Are they .. are they just gonna speed-run all of the Claremont stories ?

Because that would be A LOT
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I looked forward to seeing what Freddie Mercury has in store for us (for context, this blog post complaining about Forge the comic character - see second image
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bq, I was confused, because I thought you were talking about When Wolverine met Freddy Mercury.
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well that made my day.
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