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Continuation of X-Men: The Animated Series (1992) .

X-Men '97: Remember It  Season 1, Episode 5

Team members hit Genosha as UN honorees while a press event risks exposing the team’s dirty laundry.
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X-Men '97: Motendo/Lifedeath - Part 1  Season 1, Episode 4

Jubilee must relive the X-Men’s greatest adventures when she’s transported into a 16-bit video game. Meanwhile, Storm hooks up with Forge in Texas.
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X-Men '97: Fire Made Flesh  Season 1, Episode 3

When a visitor arrives at the mansion with a dangerous secret that threatens Cyclops and Jean's relationship, the team is propelled into a tragic confrontation with an immortal mad scientist. [more inside]
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X-Men '97: To Me, My X-Men + Mutant Liberation Begins  Season 1, Episode 2

One year after Professor Charles Xavier left Earth, the X-Men continue their mission to defend mutants and humans alike. [more inside]
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