Delicious in Dungeon: Snacks/Sorbet
March 28, 2024 9:30 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

All that glitters is not gold, as one adventurer group finds out the hard way when the treasure they find winds up being a bit more...alive than expected. And when Team Touden finds themselves dealing with spirits sans their indisposed healer, Senshi comes up with a creative - and tasty! - method of ghostbusting.

So, in this episode we get our "foils" introduced in the form of Team Kabru - a set of neophyte adventurers consisting of tallman lead Kabru, tallman mage Rin, dwarven warrior Dia, gnome mage Holm, halffoot Mikbell, and kobold Kuro. Kui's design talent stands out here, as these characters are distinct both in racial design as well as from Team Touden - who happens upon them after they get attacked by the treasure insects they mistakenly collected. Laios and crew stack their bodies along the wall for the corpse cleaners to handle, then proceed to make the treasure insects into a variety of quick snacks that are surprisingly delicious.

Continuing further, Team Touden finds themselves dealing with ghosts - which is a problem as their ghost specialist is currently dragon chow. We get a flashback to Falin using her talents to put a ghost to rest, which highlights how much her absence is impacting the team - not just in morale, but in outright effectiveness. In desperation, Senshi mixes up "holy water" by mingling a number of ingredients with holy or divine properties, then swings the jar like a censer through the spirits, dispelling them. And as a treat, the supernatural chill causes the contents to be turned into delicious sorbet!
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The new team was introduced in a way that made me think that the series was, temporarily, putting the first team on hold to follow this second group. I was genuinely shocked when the newbies turned up dead! (Well, given the setting, for certain values of dead...)
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Love how Senshi's "Holy Water" slowly becomes cooking.
...and sugar looks like salt, so i'll add that too.
Its powers are weak, so i'll put in lots.
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The way they defended themselves with holy water, and then made food, was the specific delightful thing that made me recommend the show to friends.
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