Bride of Re-Animator (1990)
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[TRAILER] Unperturbed by the disastrous outcome of his previous meddling with the dead, Dr. West (Jeffrey Combs) continues his research into the phenomenon of re-animation; only this time, he plans to create life... starting with the heart of his young protégé Dan's dearly deceased Meg Halsey.

Also starring Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones, Fabiana Udenio, David Gale, Kathleen Kinmont.

Directed and produced by Brian Yuzna. Screenplay by Woody Keith, Rick Fry. Adapted by Woody Keith, Rick Fry, Brian Yuzna. Based on "Herbert West–Reanimator" by H. P. Lovecraft. A sequel to Stuart Gordon's 1985 film Re-Animator. Cinematography by Rick Fichter. Edited by Peter Teschner. Music by Richard Band.

37% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently streaming in the US on Tubi, Arrow, and Screambox. JustWatch listing.
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I watched Society again recently (it's still bonkers!) and in an interview, Yuzna explained how he leveraged the idea of a Re-Animator follow-up to get a contract letting him direct two films, this and Society. It's wild, too, because Society tanked and this movie probably saved his career... even though the other film is considerably better, imo. I still enjoyed this though.

Anyway, this is the kind of horror sequel that horror nerds like, even as we might not recommend it outside the faithful. It's a far less effective film than the first installment (Yuzna is no Stuart Gordon), but Combs and Abbott are a fun combo again, the plot is a plausible extension of the first, and the rejected body parts creatures ending is eye-popping. It wobbles a lot more in terms of pacing than the first one did, but it still has the goods.

Yuzna has a way of livening up a simple premise with awesome set piece ideas.
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My God they're using tools!

I adore this film.
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Society is fantastic. It's like someone took a Cronenberg script and made it a slapstick horror. Honestly I just love Yuzna even if he isn't as good as Stuart Gordon.
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I was really disappointed by this the first time I saw it, but it grows on you. I'd love to see someone like Fede Alvarez get the band back together and make a new one. Yuzna is interesting, but he's no Stuart Gordon...but then again, who is?
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It’s a lesser film, but I admire that the narrative starts the moment the first film’s stopped.
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“He didn’t have the guts!”
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"He's a wifebeater, Dan! Use the gun!"
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