Resident Alien: Here Comes My Baby
April 2, 2024 7:26 PM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Harry learns about love and happiness. Ben learns that Joe may not be what he seems after following Liv and Mike.

A fight with his son triggers Harry's realization that he not only is still capable of love, but loves his son. As a result, Harry decides he will destroy the Greys himself and to that end hypnotizes the mayor's wife in order to get information on the Greys. During the hypnosis, Harry realizes that happiness is not just about getting love but also giving love and that erasing Kate's memories of her baby is cruel. He gives her the post hypnotic command to "remember everything" when she wakes up and comforts her when she does.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ben saves Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv from a confrontation with Joe, and Liv tells Ben that Joe is likely an alien.

D'arcy steals Harry's bomb to destroy the Greys herself.
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A synopsis referred to this as a "laugh heavy" ep, and I have to disagree. Kate's breakdown in Harry's office is pretty damn dramatic, and while Harry's realizations about the nature of love and happiness helps him empathize, it's still heartbreaking when she wakes up with her memories.

You also have D'arcy seemingly on a suicide mission, which again not usually a recipe for hilarity.

This doesn't mean I think it's a bad episode at all. I LOVE that Harry is learning and growing even through difficult experiences, but I wouldn't call this one "laugh heavy" compared to two episodes ago in Lovebird when Harry and Heather were horning it up all over the place including Asta's car.

But also Harry needs to hire a cleaner for his place.
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Alan Tudyk obviously has a great time doing this show, and he has fun playing the jerk, but it’s really endearing to see him understand he has to let Kate keep her memories.
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I gotta say I find his performance really impressive. The body work he does for Harry is great. Harry is a jerk, but at least, unlike other people, he has the excuse of not actually being human. He's also learning. It's pretty clear he was hurt my Max's behavior towards him when in first season he wa all about killing him.
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This season has kinda been up and down but this and the finale definitely turned up the heat.
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