Resident Alien: Homecoming
April 9, 2024 4:35 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Harry and Asta team up with an unlikely ally to save Earth.

With the bomb missing, Harry initially blames Joe until he and Asta confront him about the Yellowstone plan. Joe confesses he had no idea the Grays wanted to make the Earth only habitable to full Grays destroying the half breeds like Joe along with the Humans. He joins Harry and Asta to stop D'Arcy who has the bomb.

Ben and Kate finally talk about what's been happening to them, and Ben has his chip removed while Kate keeps hers to stay connected to her baby.

The plan to get D'Arcy and stop the Yellowstone plan goes sideways in oh so many ways, but ultimately the Earth is safe...for now. The same can not be said for Harry.

Also Clancy Brown joins the cast as Mantid!
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Clancy Brown joins the cast as Mantid!


I actually had to rewind to figure out what exactly happened at the end.

So glad that the writers/ producers are so confident of getting another season(s) that they keep doing these throwback serials cliffhangers.
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The ending threw me for a loop! I was so confident it was Bridget-as-Harry because they kept making a point about how Bridget can take on the new DNA and the Harry in the "hustle to get back to Earth while abandoning the tracker's son" was definitely not the real Harry. Maybe Harry from the first episodes, but not the Harry who's gone through so much growth the past few seasons. Harry sacrificing himself for his son to make up for sending him away the first time, but this time the son is fully aware of the decision to be sent away this time. It made sense to me! Like a nice book-end!

But I forgot about Chekov's Mantid, so they got me there. (But at least I could tell it wasn't the "real" Harry?")

Also D'arcy and Asta are the true pairing of this show. Their relationship is everything.
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Was D'arcy hesitating before returning Ben & Kate's baby towards the end?
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