X-Men '97: Bright Eyes
April 25, 2024 4:58 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The X-Men find Sentinel inventor Bolivar Trask, realizing they’ve been played by a mastermind.
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OK, this is something that has been bothering me for decades. Can anyone please explain to me, in like twenty words or less, exactly what Cable's mutant powers are? I've never understood.
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Can do, antihero! Cable is an extremely powerful telepath and telekinetic along the lines of his mother. He's even more powerful and exibits extremely fine control over this telekinetic powers, to the point where the can transmute materials by rearranging their atomic structure. HOWEVER, most this power is spent keeping the techno-organic virus at bay, keeping it from overwhelming his body and turning him into a robot (his signature robotic arm is, in fact, his actual arm, taken over by the T-O virus). As such, he relies on his combat training, grim demenor, and huge honkin' future guns to win the day.

Also, his eye glows, which partially due to his father's genetics, and mostly because it's a cool visual siginifer.

This was his status quo for a long time, and is still the "default" state for the character, but the details have changed quite a bit. For a while the T-O virus in his system was tamed, allowing him full use of his powers, I think he may have lost his powers and had a regular cyborg arm for a while, and more recently he's willing infected himself with a less-destructive variant of the T-O virus. There's also a lot of variants of the character, from his teenaged self currently running around the Marvel universe, his evil clone from the future, and his alternate universe self/clone/brother. The Summers family tree is a hot mess.
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There's also the joke that his mutant ability is the power to materialize large weapons at will. Which is an actual magical ability the authors gaave one of the characters in a different series I read recently....

CAN WE TALK ABOUT BOLLIVER? WTH?!? Bolivar does not rhyme with Oliver. Bo-Li-Var.
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A character nicknamed Bright Eyes must at some point be told to turn around. I am vaguely dissatisfied by this omission. VAGUELY DISSATISFIED, I say!
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In all my years reading comics, I don't think I've ever seen somebody take Cap's shield and hurl it off into the distance purely to be a dick about it (and keep him busy for a while).
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