X-Men '97: Tolerance Is Extinction, Part 2
May 9, 2024 8:33 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Magneto is all out of fucks to give. Xavier is not very good at rallying the troops. Jean Grey goes bowling.
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The 'black leather' comment is proof that this series was written to excise the demons created by the Fox movies
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This series really is boiling down these large plot arcs into an amazing reduction

I need to watch it again, the series again, was the ending set up, or was I anticipating it so much
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oh no jean died I wonder what will happen next week
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The show reminds me of Agents of Shield in a particular way: both could have a lot going in an episode, yet the narrative was clear and worked in its own universe. It's almost dizzying to see how much ground each X97 covers, but it always keeps a very emotional heart, not as a separate element, but vital core to the show.

I know the creator was fired from the show, but they need to figure out some way of bringing them back. This is shockingly good.
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