Encounter Party: Zombeholder
June 6, 2024 11:18 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Flik's retrieval of the sword has unintended consequences as the party must now [spoilers!].

...square off against an undead horde of Longstriders and acolytes of The Future!
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After the nightmare that was the Spider Attack, this was actually not nearly as terrifying and difficult a battle for the party that I expected. Apart from Flik going down for a moment and a couple of good shots the zombies landed on Asher and Ulavina, I don't think anyone else was hurt too badly. I for sure thought that Undead Beholder was gonna cash some checks, but they did well. Asher redeemed herself with some good rolling and straight smoked a zombie or two; Tolo and Vinh once again takin fools out with extreme prejudice; and finally Dryddian's paladin powers come into play!

Vinh having to take out his undead father was just... come on, Brian! What are you doing to these people?! That's just messed up, man... And poor Sarah, I saw her tearing up after that, and I think later when Dryddian told his story about the attack on his home. I love that she gets so emotional over the story.

Khary and Landree seemed to be having just THE MOST fun this episode. They both get soooo into describing their actions, it's hilarious; especially Landree because she's so petite and has such a unique voice. First time I watched the series, it was after this episode that my partner walked in (she isn't a gamer, so only watched bits and pieces of the show with me here and there), and she said, "It just sounds like a bunch of goofy kids playing around and having a great time." And I said, "Exactly, that's why D&D is awesome!"

One potential spoiler I noticed: when the Beholder cast Fear on Vinh, David said something like "Vinh feels the echo of the thing within him and just screams" -- and Brian seemed to want to move on quickly from that :)

PS: Vernon is a jerk. :(
posted by Saxon Kane at 11:32 AM on June 6 [1 favorite]

The amount of foreshadowing for moments across the back half the season is intense. When I was editing the show I’d constantly scream at the screen
posted by neddonovan at 4:12 PM on June 8

So glad Flik survived! When Dryddian's lay on hands failed, I was seriously worried. I know different shows approach character death differently, but I can't imagine this one casually switching over to a new character.

Dealing with zombie Longstriders (his father especially!) is such a rough situation for Vinh, to the point where DM Brian confused Vinh's intended target when David said that he attacks his fallen comrade. Honestly, dealing with them was more horrific than facing the zombie beholder. And I loved finally getting to hear Dryddian's story. It was apt with the discovery of the cloth, but it also felt like a moment of real trust.

Vernon, on the other hand, as you said, is just scum.

It was great when Andrew pretended to watch the zombie's head gone a-flyin'. I wish we had a chance to try to find the hidden skulls in the terrain! And another fun moment when Landree got momentarily stuck under the table. :) Props also to Flik's inspiring poetry and David fittingly wearing a beholder T-shirt.
posted by thataway at 9:42 PM on June 8

Yeah, I was also very curious about how Brian would have handled any character deaths mid-campaign. On the one hand, there have to be real stakes or it doesn't feel satisfying. On the other hand, it is hard to imagine the story going on without Flik (or any of the others, really).

re: Dryddian's story -- What continually impresses me most about the show -- and the players! -- is how good everyone is with building deep, compelling characters that make the viewer invested and take seriously what is, as I said above, a bunch of people playing a game and having fun. And while there's the emotional investment, it is still, of course, fun and entertaining as hell :)

When I was editing the show I’d constantly scream at the screen

I would imagine! As you were watching it, were you thinking, "Jeez, I can't believe I didn't see that!"
posted by Saxon Kane at 12:19 PM on June 9

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