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June 19, 2024 7:32 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Jason panics, cornered, and urges Daniela and Charlie to leave town immediately.

As we come to the final episode, what's everybody else's opinion on making the final episode books included versus show only? I wouldn't mind having a book reader explain the ways it was different (assuming it wraps up), but I know I'm probably never going to read the books so it can't possibly spoil things for me. But I'll also admit that I'm broadly spoiler resistant in general.
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And this episode shows that Jason2 was collecting decent stacks of weird cash in his travels - I assume he found worlds with useful things that he could acquire?

I'm half hoping that next episode is some kind of "oh hey if I blow up the box here I collapse the wave superfunction and invert the polarities of the frame buffers and everybody ends up back where they belong" solution or something.

I originally thought Jason1 realized there was going to be violence, so he figured the best place to be was somewhere with a built-in alibi, but using it to force Daniela to bail him out was good, I guess, sure.
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I thought the tension in this episode was very effective, even if the premise gets more and more absurd. why would daniela trust *this* jason1, they're all jason1s. And why aren't there 1000 jason2s.
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i want a sequel to this but it's about the cop investigating all the murdered jasons finding the box and using it
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Yeah, I mean I kind of want the final episode to have the cop that was investigating Ryan's disappearance start getting assigned the deaths of all these mysterious people that look like her prime suspect, leading the whole ball of twine to start to unravel, leading to Prime Jason, Daniela and Charlie running off to Perfect Chicago on the lam.

I dunno, I'm enjoying it, it's fine, but yeah there are a lot of fridge moments if you think about it too much. On the other hand, showing stuff like Jason and Amanda acquiring some cash every time they go somewhere wouldn't make for good TV, so *shrug* I get it.
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Book vs Show… I’d prefer separate threads as I plan on picking-up the book after the season finale. Plus it sounds like they may leave the ending open for a potential season 2 pickup; depending on where the final episode lands any book discussion may be spoilery for a second season.

That said, whatever everyone else wants works for me as long as any thread with book content is clearly marked.
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I read the book back in 2021, so I don't have perfect recall, but I'll just say I'd be surprised if the second season is not comprised of nearly all new material, not pulled from the book.
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why would daniela trust *this* jason1, they're all jason1s.

I was reading that into Daniela's expression in the final shot.

How do we know it's "our" Jason, either? If there is a visual tell I can't see it (small TV, bad eyes). It's fun to think that we can't.

I think the best solution is for Daniela and Charlie to go through the cube and copy themselves until there's an equilibrium.
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I'm enjoying the insanity at this point.

I haven't read it but I'd be fine with "Books Included" next time.
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Fighting himself! It's self-defense and self-offense at the same time!

He can form a basketball team of himself!
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