Special Event: Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7!
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An improbable Game 7, as the Edmonton Oilers come back from a 3-0 deficit to force a reckoning in Florida

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How improbable? While the Game 7 story has yet to reach its conclusion, we'll need to reach back to 1942 to find the single time a team has fought back from a 3-0 deficit to win the Stanley Cup.

The Florida Panthers made it to the final series last year, only to lose to the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 5. They were a favourite to advance to this year's finals. Edmonton's start to the regular season left some wondering if they'd earn a playoff berth. A strong second half placed Edmonton in 2nd place in the Pacific Division, just behind Vancouver Canucks (who they'd go on to best in a close 2nd round).

Here is Jack Michaels calling the end of the Dallas series, and the win that propelled Edmonton to its first Stanley Cup final series since 2006. Here is a drinking game for people who enjoy Jack's regular season commentary. It's a crime he's not calling the post season.

Here is some background on the Stanley Cup.
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Game 7 is Monday, June 24.
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Ah thanks, I was freaking out for a sec!
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I beg your pardon! In my haste to post I neglected to mention Game 7 will be played in Florida on Monday June 24th

NHL hockey, days after the summer solstice, is among the reasons I might have to give up watching the post season
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I didn't get to watch the game as I was at a baseball game Friday night (Hou over Bal 14-11, speaking of crazy games) so a friend and I kept passing each other our phones as we tracked the score. We decided Edm was likely going to be unbearably smug regardless of the outcome, but that it would be a well-deserved smugness.
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And in today's trivia, Jthe CVup will be awarded June 25th which is just one day short of being the the latest date in the year that the Stanley Cup has been awarded in 10 yrs, the latest being June 26, 2022, Avs over Tampa being the record in this period. The COVID Cup years don't count.
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How psychology helped the Oilers through the Stanley Cup playoffs (CBC, 4.12 m video)

Mentions George Mumford, author of The Mindful Athlete

I was talking to someone on Thursday, he is really enjoying the series for precisely the element of psychology and the tidal change from one team being ahead by 3 games, flying to Edmonton with their families in anticipation of winning the Cup, to Games 4-6 which have led us to this point.
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"I'm a Panthers fan but even I had to laugh"

yes, yes indeed
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well that was disappointing. now the insufferable Florida fans will be even more insufferable.
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It was a good year to discover the dumpster fire that is /r/hockeymemes.
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Bettman's favorite dream..an almost sweep by a non-traditional hockey team fought off by an almost reverse sweep by a Canadian team led by a generational superstar then a 1 point win in game 7 by the team that was favored all along.

TIL: Edm is not an original 6 team, nor was it part of the expansion to 12.
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I really don't mind McDavid not coming out for the Conn Smythe. His team lost, and he has people to see to in the locker room.
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as tough as it is for an Oilers fan to see that Game 7 loss, I don't think anyone would begrudge Paul Maurice's moment in the sun there

I don't know if anyone out there, ice or bench, earned the cup more than him. Classy of him to mention the Jets too, I think.
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This is the Stanley Cup; if it was nationals, then I could cheer for McDavid.

I do agree that it wasn't a big deal that he didn't show up for the Con Smythe - he did do a presser afterwards, though. So kudos I guess. If you're ok with zero personality and being brain dead about stuff outside of hockey.

Credit to the reporter who got McDavid (and the scrum) to start talking about hockey again. A little bit of dignity.
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I am still so sad about this result.

I'm happy for the Panthers players, I'm happy for PoMo, but it's still kind of achy. Maybe I am not cut out for sports fandom honestly.
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