The Bear: Children
July 4, 2024 3:12 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The team prepares the restaurant to be photographed for the review.
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The episode had like 400% too much Fak Comedy Hour for me, TBH. Felt like 2 different shows glued together, and one of them I would not watch.
The other parts where good, especially Cicero talking to Carmy and Syd.
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I loved this episode. It was called Children and it very much followed the theme. Many (major, alas) characters were given some time as a child. Some were adult children like Syd and Marcus; some were arrested adolescents (the brothers), some have very conflicted relationships (Carmy and Natalie) with their parents; Uncle Jimmy facing the fact that he's a surrogate dad. I was surprised Ritchie's phone convo was with someone other than this daughter, it would have been a nice addition to hear her thoughts on her mom's upcoming nuptials.
I still contend that Marcus' work will end up being the star of the review, or the violet will be thing that gets them the star.
Carmy obviously has some deep trauma from Terry, which asks the question why he would send Ritchie to her. Forks is a gem, but kinda leaves out the power dynamic we're slowly seeing come to light.
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