12 Monkeys: The Red Forest
February 21, 2015 11:14 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Cole returns from the alternate 2043 to correct events that created the alternate future. Cassie takes a trip and meets a man. Aaron helps with a rescue. And we hear about Operation Troy. Sadly, no Jennifer tonight.
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I'm not sure what was up with the drugged hypno-vision; were they trying to program Cassie to release the virus in some kind of Manchurian Candidate way? If not that, then I don't know what was supposed to be going on there, but they spent enough time on it that it must be significant in some way.

I like that they keep having Cole overlap his own time stream as a solution to problems, but I assume sooner or later it's actually going to come back to bite him. Might be a good time to check and see if anyone else can tolerate your machine, Katarina, although I assume the answer is no.
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Up until this episode, I thought this was in a "time can't be changed" universe where the protagonists were tragically mistaken about this, but now that it's established that it can be, to me it's an entirely different show.
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I wish more people were watching this show because I really enjoy it.
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I wish more people were watching this show because I really enjoy it.

Same here. Sadly, I think the good shows SyFy occasionally (accidentally?) airs begin life somewhat hampered by the dreck they show the other 90% of the time. This is a good show that deserves a bigger audience.
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The discussion here got me into the show - add one to our ranks.
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