12 Monkeys: The Keys
February 27, 2015 9:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Cole, Dr. Railly and Aaron strive to stop the virus from being deployed as a bio-weapon in Chechnya.
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Did anyone else feel like they played a little too loose-and-fast with Cole's time jumps in this episode? Or, are we now dealing with multiple Coles starting to overlap in time? I had a hard time making sense of where he was at what time.

Especially at the end, where he's in the building when the missile hits it (supposedly wiping out the virus as planned), and then he's immediately shown in the next scene at Cassie's place getting news that the virus had been deployed.

I'm feeling like I might have missed some key bits of conversation?
posted by Thorzdad at 6:22 AM on February 28, 2015

Thorzad, hamburger time at Cassie's place is one week later in regular time, but is pre-missle for Cole.
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I can't imagine Cole is actually dead, though I'm not sure how he escapes. I'm betting on Ramse being involved somehow.
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