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Welcome to rewatch of the most recent, and last, season of Mad Men. The first-watch post on FanFare is here. Don makes a new friend. Joan meets a client for drinks. Peggy hears impressive new work. Roger has a puzzling phone call.
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Binge watching really helps for the gap between season 6 and the start of season 7. If you watched the episodes as they aired, there was nearly a year between the end of 6 and start of 7, but in the show it's only from Thanksgiving 1968 to Nixon's inauguration in 1969.
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I think that scene where Don is on the moving walkway to "I'm a Man," with his suit and his's so sad. You can see that he's not changing with the times. He's much more THE MAN in that regard, and Megan showing up all Hollywood with her lace mini and a Dynel fall....the generation gap is HUGE!

It only gets sadder and more pathetic. Poor Don, he peaked.
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You can see that he's not changing with the times. He's much more THE MAN in that regard

Yes. Don's out of step with the times. "Time Zones" is a good name for this episode. All the characters are dealing with time in different ways. Megan is riding the wave of the current times. Peggy's timing is completely off in dealing with the very average, and complete ass, Lou Avery. Ken doesn't have "time to take a crap." Joan is discovering that the time is now for her in her career and that she has the skill and experience to cut it. Wayne Barnes, the Butler Shoe guy, hasn't put the time in the business world because of his youth and Joan saved him from making a very big mistake. Roger meets his daughter for brunch and feels she is rewriting time, the past, to suit her personal narrative. Pete seems to be having the time of his life out in CA. Peggy's brother-in-law doesn't have the time to spend with her because he wants to get home to his wife. And to top it off the episode opens with Freddy's Accutron watch pitch. Which included, "Do you have time to improve your life?"
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From the commentary: Aaron Staton insisted on wearing a real eye patch instead of one with a small hole in it so he could see because he thought he wouldn't move his head correctly. He truly had trouble handling props and got headaches. Christina Hendricks really did slip on the wet pavement on the way to see Professor Podolsky. They used that take. In the writer's room they felt that mediocre Lou Avery survived in the ad business for as long as he had because he never really commits to anything.

In case anyone is thinking of buying the DVD. There is one commentary for each episode.

1. Time Zones: Matt Weiner, Janie Bryant, Scott Hornbacher.
2. A Day's Work: Matt Weiner, Michael Uppendahl, Johnathan Igla.
3. Field Trip: Matt Weiner, Heather Jeng Bladt, Carrie Audino, Laura Schiff.
4. The Monolith: Matt Weiner, Erin Levy, Dan Bishop.
5. The Runaways: Matt Weiner, Chris Manley.
6. The Strategy: Matt Weiner, Semi Chellas, Phil Abraham.
7. Waterloo: Matt Weiner, David Carbonara, Chris Gay.

Extras: Gay Rights, Gay Power, The Trial of the Chicago 8: Part 1 & 2, The Best Things in Life are Free (Robert Morse's last day on the set).
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As Don leaves the airport in LA, there are plenty of men wearing hats.

They all wear them for their professions, or are old.

Megan stumbling into Don, makes me think she's taking something. If it wasn't 1969, I'd say Fen-Phen.

Pete looks younger, of all things. Fitter, tanner, lither ... weighed down by his family in NY, free and floating in LA.

Freddie for Don. Interesting.
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Sitting on the patio balcony, with that ending song: "Set me free why don't you babe ... get outta my life, why don't you babe?" Him sitting like that and we pan out with him alone ... that's a panic attack, at least without a drink.
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