Adventure Time: Dark Purple
February 20, 2015 6:37 AM - Season 6, Episode 29 - Subscribe

Susan Strong returns to thwart a baby-stealing soda company.
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For some reason, I want Kate Beaton to write a story about Susan and her friends.
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I liked this one a lot. A lot a lot. It had so many delicious layers, like baklava, or some kind of chocolate onion.

Plus, it answered a mystery with another mystery! Susan is a human, but also a cyborg? I'm excited to see where they go with that.

The best part though for me though, for sure, was the trio of total bad-asses questing righteous, destroying a sweatshop (sweetshop?) and knocking away the (literal!) mask of cloying corporate femininity. Susan Hates Cheryl, indeed.

and yes, I would totally watch/read/consume any media surrounding Susan Strong et al made by Kate Beaton.
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I thought this was the best episode in a season full of best episodes.
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The porp must flow!

Okay if the last episode totally lost me, I was all in on this one. Such a twisted bizarr-o Willy Wonka nightmare. Dozens of fantabulous lines too. Is anybody selling novelty porp yet?

Super Porp it hits the spot,
Messes up your train of thought.
If you're thirsty and out of shape
Get down on that fizzy grape.

Brand awareness will go down the toilet.
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Artist Sloane Leong worked on this episode, and she is as fantastically talented as one would imagine. Here she shared some of her concept art for "Dark Purple."
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I don't know, this one was just okay to me. Not bad but didn't tickle me.
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This episode feels like it was evoking some other source to me, a movie perhaps? Susan's relentless smashing and fury was awesome and the idea that purple soda lives on out of a weird cult-like people's insistence that what always was, must always be, like the coughing, gargling echoes of a capitalist or marketing dream. Who were the Purp people? Were they mutants changed into who they now were? Were they the horribly inbred descendants of those who took over the factory? What is Cheryl's origin?!

And yes, Susan...the cyborg? Did we know this already?

The opening was also so surreal with the throwback of people just hanging outside the convenience store and Finn coming out with items for everyone. FRESH IT UP, BMO.

We even had our own purple mutant Cerberus-like creature, guarding the passage way to Cheryl, where the baby was threatened with a pomegranate seed, a taste of the soda to doom her/him to a life of becoming Cheryl in the pop-infused underworld.

This was just a fun episode.
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