Fortitude: Episode 5
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The truth about what happened to Charlie Stoddart is revealed. Or is it? If we’ve learned anything about Fortitude, it’s trust no one, believe nothing you’re told. Air date: Feb 26, 2015

The episode opens with a flashback to Liam climbing out the window in his pajamas and bare feet and heading down the road. Dr Stoddart is snorting a line of coke and preparing dinner for his guests when he sees Liam standing outside. He carries him inside and Liam returns the favor by bashing him over the head with the cutting board. The next scene is Frank finding Liam back home on the floor in his bedroom covered in blood. We already know how that plays out but now Frank is released from jail after Liam's broken fingernail is found inside the corpse.

In other mysterious happenings, the mammoth is leaking into storm drain of the shed, creepy teacher Marcus is forcing chicken soup into his sick supermarket cashier girlfriend, and Stanley Tucci's character Morton rips up the carpet in his hotel room to discover new floorboards. Oh and there's some local shaman ritual that needs the blood of a murderer.

Guardian synopsis.

AV Club synopsis

"Why could they not just stay up there? Why did they have to come down? Why could they not just have stayed up there, flying around the lovely world, forever?"
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The turn of this story - Liam being the person that killed Stoddart - just came out of nowhere. My wife and I had no idea where things were going and to have Liam be the one that did the killing just blew us away.

Plus, what's up with Marcus (aka Jack Sprat)? What's Morton up to? Is Stoddart's murder case now closed?

So strange! So compelling! So can't wait for next week's episode!!
And thanks TWinbrook8 for posting this one to FanFare, I just haven't had the time.
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Oh I don't think Liam is the killer, he's a kid! Remember, the Russian guy was in the house too, hanging out in the stairwell. At the autopsy they were talking about the different weapons used. Liam with the apple corer which didn't do much damage? Someone else with the cleaver?

Hitting Stoddart over the head was shocking though. And why head to his house? His family hadn't been there long, I wouldn't even think they knew each other, but Stoddart did know the kid by name, how did they meet?

Maybe-crazy dad and daughter wandering around in the snow, still don't know where that is heading. I think Marcus is just your ordinary every day creep, glomming onto a vulnerable woman.

But for the first time, we got some answers: the blood on Liam and Frank and the file folder leading to that researcher and then to the Russian. Wouldn't the researcher know what the (missing) file results meant? Morton didn't ask him. I am just assuming it indicates some new oil field which means lots of money and destruction of their pristine environment.

yeah, just watched it and couldn't wait. Also the Guardian calls it episode 5 and AV Club calls it episode 6, lol
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Yeah, the numbering is off somewhere. The 2-hour premier is counted as episode 1 according to SKY and Pivot, but somehow the AV club decided it was made up of epsiode 1 and 2, and have been numbering it that way. My first few posts on FanFare were following the AV club numbering, but I decided it better to follow SKYs system, so I had pb fix it for me. That's why I've listed the air date as well, to help square that. Hopefully we keep to the SKY system here, and let the AV club do its own thing.
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ug. this episode was difficult to watch.

I know the kid isn't the killer because it's only half-way through the season and they didn't show the actual deed. and even if they did, the kid was all messed up in the head - he could have misremembered or something.

the russian in the house, and the cop in the house before the body was discovered, all point to some deeper, darker dealings.
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