Shameless (US): May I Trim Your Hedges?
March 5, 2015 5:54 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Kevin’s estranged wife, Cheryl, and her son, Kyle, are staying at Kev and V’s house. V doesn’t believe that Cheryl showed up because her car broke down. Kevin: “What do you think, she broke her car on purpose?” V: “I think she broke you on purpose … and I put you back together, and now she’s here to take back what I fixed.” Kevin is preparing divorce papers, but forgets about them when Cheryl says Kyle might be his.

Fiona asks a grocery store manager about a job as a cashier, after seeing a cashier walk out in a rage. The manager, Bobby, seems unusually interested in Fiona's ability to handle meat, and Fiona figures out that he likes to get oral sex from his employees. (“Giving new meaning to ‘blow job’!”) Fiona gets V to make a recording of Bobby, which Fiona uses to blackmail him into giving her the job with her choice of shifts — and no sexual favors.

When Debbie takes the bus, a man in the back masturbates to her. This sets off her brothers into forming a mob to hunt down sex offenders in the area. When they get to a female teacher, Blake, who had sex with a 14-year-old male student, the mob shrinks away. Lip goes back to offer to trim Blake’s hedges, setting her up so he can take cell-phone photos of her coming onto him. Blake has some things to teach Lip. Later, Mandy later notices that Lip’s pubic hair has been trimmed, and she isn’t convinced by Lip’s excuse that he was just doing a “sting operation.”

Mandy teaches self-defense to Debbie, who inappropriately uses it against Kyle when they first meet. But then they start talking and eventually kiss. (Possibly Debbie's first kiss.)

When Cheryl eventually reveals that Kyle isn’t even her son, let alone Kevin’s, V attacks her and forces her to sign the divorce papers.

Sheila has Frank take Hymie to the doctor, but Frank goes to the Alibi to “vaccinate” Hymie with a thumbtack. After Frank sees a TV news report about a kid with cancer who got court-side seats at a Chicago Bulls game and a basketball signed by the whole team, Frank goes to the foundation that helped the kid, and tells them Hymie has Down’s Syndrome and is an avid basketball fan. When the woman at the foundation clarifies that they only work with “dying children,” Frank shaves Carl’s head and sends him to a camp for kids with cancer. Frank tells Carl he must have caught it from his grandmother, Peggy.

Lloyd, Jimmy’s dad, tells Ian to invite his “boyfriend,” Mickey, up to Lloyd’s room. Mickey beats Lloyd for using that word to describe him.

The drama with Cheryl, Kevin, and V prompts Fiona to tell Jimmy something she considers a bigger deal than “I love you”: “I trust you.” Jimmy’s reaction is unclear.
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