Shameless (US): The Helpful Gallaghers
March 9, 2015 6:15 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Fiona throws a party at her house for the other cashiers from work, who are all women, to talk about how their boss, Bobby, coerces them to give oral sex. Fiona declares: “Our mouths are not his property to use as he pleases … It’s sexual harassment.”

But one of Fiona’s coworkers says: “It’s not that bad … He showers daily … It’s 10 minutes a week … We’re playing a dangerous game!” What if they get Bobby fired and the new manager doesn’t let them take sick leave when they’re not really sick? So they take a vote on it. Fiona’s coworkers are upset when they find out that Fiona has never had to do what the rest of them have done to Bobby.

Before Carl goes off to camp, thinking he has cancer, he hugs Fiona and tells her how much she means to him. At camp, Carl organizes a couple of the other campers to protest how they’re not allowed to do what they want. (Carl’s collective organizing of the campers parallels Fiona’s organizing of her coworkers, so Carl has taken after Fiona without knowing it after his heartfelt goodbye to her.) The campers’ dying wish is to “see titties.”

Mandy’s half-sister, Molly (they have the same dad), calls Mandy saying her mom died. Mandy and Lip pick up Molly from Milwaukee and bring her to stay with the Gallaghers. Fiona reluctantly agrees to this when Lip points out that Molly can’t stay with her and Mandy’s dad, since he “likes to molest his daughters” (see season 2, episode 10).

Debbie notices Molly’s “girl penis,” which “looks exactly like a boy penis.”

Sheila tries to get partly back together with Frank: “I need you back because of what you let me feel by allowing me to make you feel something that you don’t want to feel!” Instead, Frank tries to persuade Jody to do the things Sheila wants to do in bed. Jody objects that his Sex Addicts Anonymous program only allows “loving sex,” and he’s afraid of “what she’s unleashing” in him.

Jimmy’s mom breaks up with his dad, Lloyd. He gets drunk with Jimmy at the Alibi, then stumbles into Lip’s bunk bed thinking it’s Ian. Lip calls out Lloyd for sexually assaulting him, and Ian finally lets the family know about his fling with Lloyd. (Ian calls Lloyd “Ned,” which seems to be his nickname.) Jimmy to his dad: “Is this why Mom kicked you out? Does she know that you’re gay?” Lloyd: “I’m not so much gay. Sometimes I enjoy men more than women … I’m broke, financially. That’s why she threw me out.”

Debbie works on holding her breath underwater.
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