Roderick on the Line: Ep. 146: "Science Farmer"
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The Problem: Like a young Billy Graham.

Another solid ROTL episode, with good, lengthy conversations around movies, sports, and religion. Plus an awesome lead-in by The Doubleclicks! (Greetings John, what have you been eating today?) And with that, we're off!

BEEP BOOP! onomatopoeia; audio tech talk; Interstellar; John is a top 5 physicist; suspension of disbelief; John danced with Anne Hathaway (kind of); movie stars are Thespians at heart; the science was good, but...; high fantasy, hard sci-fi; more on Interstellar; you cannot care about Matthew McConaughey; Contact; a chubby guy's got heart;

Diet tales; the 7 things not to talk about; John went skiing; being good enough; a relationship with action; driving forces behind passions and hobbies; working on the railroad; there is no doorway to the multiverse; depth vs breadth; thoughts on Billy Graham; faith and the President; religions styles of Carter vs Bush;
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There wasn't as much to chart this time, this episode was more "depth" than "breadth". I have noticed in the past couple episodes John had trouble pulling people's names from memory, especially famous people (Anne Hathaway this time). Loved the deep dive into his time skiing, how devoted he was as a kid, and how those skills came back right away.

I also liked the talk on religion and Presidents, and while that can be a hot topic I hope they come back around to exploring the ideas more.
posted by jazon at 4:08 PM on March 10, 2015

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