Roderick on the Line: Ep. 147: "The Om of Surrender"
March 23, 2015 2:10 PM - Subscribe

The Problem: 1997 was a bye year.

A short episode (under an hour) with some deep dives into the hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s!

John was watching samurai doing samurai things; chopping pellets like Deadpool; OM I GOD; driving with OM; walking meditation; scream therapy; cutout records.

Charlie Parker + Woody Woodpecker; Heckle and Jeckle; Chip and Dale; Spy vs Spy; TV in the 70s; How much to get to Fantasy Island? More TV from the 70s and 80s; Life as a latch-key kid.

1997 is not vintage anything; Bun Family Players; 90s music; Friends; Burning Bridges (Dan Harmon); Better Call Saul; The Prequel Issues; Star Wars -3; Frozen as Cotangent; Googling Maggie Smith; Ending on a High Note!
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I don't remember why there was the big laugh at the end, but I was dying laughing right along with them. I was driving a car, and almost wrecked while turning left into a driveway.
posted by mathowie at 12:31 PM on March 25, 2015

Merlin had tweeted something about staying until the end (here it is), but it snuck up on me so maybe the impact was lessened as I thought the bit was still going to build a little more.
posted by jazon at 3:20 PM on March 25, 2015

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