Jane the Virgin: Chapter 15
March 10, 2015 10:32 PM - Season 1, Episode 15 - Subscribe

In which there are sandwiches and tests, and a 90-minute massage from an inexperienced masseuse, and a pre-emptive nuclear option, and several more wonderful heartfelt conversations between the Villanueva women. Oh, and in which we learn that Rogelio does not "pop" in peach.
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... and in which we begin to suspect that Aaron is not all he's claiming. (Me, I think he's Roman.) And in which Petra and Rafael team up to begin driving out Lachlan.
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Rogelio needs to learn the lesson of "when your rival's costume designer makes a call like that, tell him you HATE lavender." Ahem.

Am disappointed on the proposal, but yeah, it's also realistic to not quite go there yet. Plus we need to drag out a love triangle.

Xo, that is not something one wants to test a dude on, especially when you've already had the unplanned pregnancy with him before.

The love test discussion was adorable.
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I like that they've made Michael more likable again, because what I liked about the show early on was that it was a love triangle that worked. You might be Team Michael or Team Rafael, but you could understand the appeal of both, especially to Jane.

I feel like I should have more to say since I've almost made a JtV Fanfare post for the previous 13 episodes, but I can't think of it now. I just really, really like this show. A Monday when it is on is a significantly better Monday evening for me.
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