The Adventure Zone: Ep. 9. Moonlighting - Chapter Three
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Having passed the Bureau of Balance's punishing test of initiation, our heroes stock up on supplies and learn abilities that will help them immeasurably in the future. Merle finds a new god. Taako has a difficult encounter with a coin slot. Magnus advocates for moon-dogs.
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This is the podcast I use to go to sleep, and so my experience it with it is inevitable dreamlike, but I must say I have been struck by the fact that, in what is ostensibly a comedy podcast, the actual mission that Griffin wrote is frequently so strange, melancholy, and poetic.

But the truth is, I mostly listen because the father is utterly mad, and I love him for it.
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I am still hoping for a shoutout for my dead goblin in Metafilter's insane Twitter DnD Game.
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If this storyline goes on long enough, I wonder if our heroes will have to fight the Bureau of Balance because they've gotten to powerful.
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Flagged as prescient, drezdn.
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