The Good Wife: Open Source
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The political candidates get around trashing each other by trashing Peter. Eli and Johnny feud. Diane and Kurt are involved in a 3D printed gun case.

The case of the week involves a lawsuit involving 3-D printing of a plastic malfunctioning gun. In all honesty, I'm not totally clear on the technical aspects of the case, but both Kurt and his protege get called in to testify, and there's gun misfiring due to printer issues, and at one point Diane has Kurt served. Hoo boy. I'm.... not entirely sure how the case ended other than the client got offered $5 million or else Nancy Crozier's "anonymous backer" will use his treasure trove to make their lives hell or something. But damn, plastic guns printing out everywhere and anywhere sounds like a WHOPPINGLY BAD IDEA. Especially with this schmuck in charge.

Back to the campaign, sigh: Frank's and Alicia's advisers realize that they can get around each other by slamming Peter. Eli is miserably unhappy when he finds this out. He got Johnny some job that starts ON ELECTION DAY and then threatens to take it back, but Johnny eventually decides he doesn't give a fuck and has Alicia diss her husband. Which seems all kinds of weird in a Peter-free episode and a whoppingly bad idea given their "branding" as the couple...

In relationship news, we find out that Frank Prady's not gay, he's just a Jesuit who considers remarrying to be adultery. And Alicia, as per her fantasy life, makes out with Johnny at the end.

Oh, and then there's Louis Canning, who still aenen't ded yet. Granny Weatherwax can't spell it and I can never remember how she does, fuck it. He just got a kidney transplant from a 13 year old girl and out of the goodness of his black heart, wants to liquidate his $18 million in stocks to give it to the girl's family. Instead of his own? I call shenanigans. Anyway, Louis, in a "moment of lucidity" claims his lawyer won't return his calls and gives Alicia his power of attorney to work on this. Who's his lawyer? David Lee, of course! Who claims that the family in turn wants to donate that money to a Palestinian liberation group, which means OMG POLITICS DRAMA... Alicia investigates this, but eventually finds out this is, YES AGAIN, EVEN ON HIS DEATH BED, some plot between Louis and David to screw her over in politics. This may very well make Alicia feel sorry she kinda hoped he wouldn't die (she has a bad boy problem). Her only revenge is to move the phone away so Louis can't answer it.

I still want to know why the show was leading up to Alicia boffing Finn for most of the season and now suddenly we're having Johnny thrown at us EVEN THOUGH FINN IS STILL ON THE SHOW. Between this, and the campaign, and the Kalinda issues, this show sure feels like it's wandering around in the dark not quite knowing what to do any more.
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I wish they did an episode from Frank Prady's perspective as he watches bemused as all the other characters spin their wheels. By the end of the episode he could be parenting Zack and Grace, who the show forgot were Floricks; reassure Cary and Finn that they are main cast; and exorcising Louis back to imp hell, so he can't pointlessly and for zero character reason create mischief anymore.
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This show has gotten so scattered and unfocused, I find myself not really caring what happens anymore. This whole politics storyline is just grating, not suspenseful. And with the haphazard way stories are picked up and dropped, Kalinda is practically forgotten and most likely, her drama with Bishop and faking evidence for Cary is probably going to bite her in the ass about 30 seconds before she decides to change identities and hit the road. Unless Bishop offs her before she gets a chance. That could be interesting.*

* I love Kalinda, but with the way it feels like the tread is starting to come off the wheels, that outcome could open up interesting options for the new DA Florrick, pushing her to take Bishop down.
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You can't just give someone power of attorney verbally. You especially can't grant someone power of attorney when you're out of your mind on pain meds and there are no witnesses. The fact that Alicia went along with all that anyways? That she didn't even stop to consider, "hey, Canning was out of his mind on drugs"? A big misstep for a show which is usually better than that. And why? Just so they could shoehorn the basically pointless Canning plotline in? Just no, no to all of that.

OTOH I am happy that the show remembered that Diane is still happily married. She and Kurt are still such a great couple.
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It was really good to see a case of the week based on interesting, controversial applications of modern technology again, and really dive into the nuts and bolts and trial and error of the case. Diane gets a plot! I feel like she hasn't done anything all season. She and Kurt continue to be fun, and even if their spat was a little undercooked, seeing them fool around in the parking garage like teenagers was delicious. I love that she's willing to say "Fuck it" and go hunting with him at the end. I enjoy them.

Three days until election! This long nightmare will be behind us soon! Elfman's awkward fumbling at the end, with the sentence fragments and spinning around was well played. I think I would have liked Canning's plot better if it was an evil plot, it seems like he really was just out of his mind though. Given that, Alicia's game of keep away at the end was really cruel. Who even is she?

In related "Who even is she" news, best line has to be Kurt's "Who is this?" when Kalinda calls him. It probably wasn't intentional but it made me laugh really hard.
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In relationship news, we find out that Frank Prady's not gay, he's just a Jesuit who considers remarrying to be adultery.

I was almost expecting Alicia to throw the debate after he told her that. She doesn't really want the job and has only stayed in the race because she'd already made too much of a commitment to turn back. She knows Frank is sincere about wanting the job in a way that she isn't.

the new DA Florrick

Is this speculation or an actual spoiler? Ugh, I'm still hoping she'll lose.

I'm just about done with this show. When I started watching it seemed like more of an ensemble production even if the stories generally involved some kind of effect on "the good wife". Now it seems like it's turned into the Julianna Margulies Show. The cast members who don't need to be in a scene with her might as well do their parts via Skype.
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Total speculation on my part. Frankly, like you I wish she would give up on the DA thing too and return the show to its roots. I am not even sure how it would even work with her in the DA's office, since that would necessitate her leaving the firm.

But ... if she does win, then the one possible storyline that might be interesting to watch is her maneuvering to take on Bishop and his empire. Kalinda's fate this season could be an interesting motivator for that mission.

But otherwise, I am with you. I am steadily losing interest in the show, and one of the big losses this season was definitely that "ensemble" feeling the show used to have.
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not even sure how it would even work with her in the DA's office, since that would necessitate her leaving the firm.

It's worse than that. She'd be opposing Diane/Cary/Finn!! at every criminal trial. Except I'm sure that the SA wouldn't actually be at a trial, just like Steven Hill's character in Law & Order, she'd be kibitzing in her office. Ugh, what a terrible idea this was. She HAS to lose otherwise there'd be no show.
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