Teen Wolf: 117
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Derek is still young, and the team tries to figure out how to help him.

The AV Club is still down on the show with a C+ review. Tumblr is just rejoicing that Derek Hale's scowl has been restored. In other news, Teen Wolf replaced their effects budget with slo-mo. (Also, Allison mention count, you know the central female character deeply loved by all?, continues to be zero.)
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I thought Allison was mentioned in the Jeep in the first episode of season four? Anyway, if you've seen seasons 1 - 3, you really shouldn't still be holding out for 1) mention of dead friends, and 2) realistic emotional arcs.

My approach with Teen Wolf is to not expect anything other than cute actors. Because of this, I am usually pleased! Somebody really needs to take away Dylan's hair gel, though.

For a second I thought the man in black shoes stealing Peter's money from the heretofore unseen werewolf vault under the high school would be Chris Argent. No, it wouldn't have made much sense but nothing on Teen Wolf does.

My Tumblr dash seems to love the kid playing Deputy Parrish, but that boy sure is not gifted in the acting area.
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I'm hoping against hope that the man in the black shoes is Scott's dad, and not as will inevitably turn out to be true, Gerard and Kate, the two most useless actors. Deputy Parrish is somehow linked to the Hales - the letter that is related to the Hale's burned down house on his desk - but yes, he is pretty useless.

Also, Peter is not going to tell Malia he's her dad?

I liked the Beserkers but that fight choreography was just weak. I think they meant to show it as a desperate fight and suddenly Derek changes and the Beserkers run away because of an external event, but it just looked like a Batman from the 1960s fight.

I giggled and rewatched the Sheriff scene though. Really, I just want to watch the Sheriff and Scott's mom fall in love and their lives with the teenagers popping up every now and then with new supernatural crap the parents have to deal with.

Why is there not a Brady Bunch AU of Teen Wolf??
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I thought Peter doesn't know? He knows there's a kid, but I don't think Lydia and Allison (I miss youuu, Allison!) told him the identity. Or, that could be from fanfic. I have major problems in the Teen Wolf universe keeping fanfic and canon separate.

I can't believe Gerard has such nice feet! No more Gerard!

The fight choreography was especially terrible - what bugged me the most was Scott, Malia and Kira just kinda lying there while Derek fought. Unless each of them had all four limbs broken, there wasn't much excuse for such a poor showing.

When Stiles said the the opening scene that "she" was sneaking into his room, I thought it was Lydia for a second and surprised myself by "awwwww"ing. Then it was actually Malia and I was "enhhhh?" because I like her okay but she doesn't make much sense as a character and Stiles seemed so ambivalent about the whole situation.

The time-traveling quip was cute. You be you, Sheriff. This episode need more (any?) Melissa and much less Scott's dad. That holds true for every episode, actually.
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I thought Lydia told Peter that Malia was his daughter in return for Peter helping get Stiles back into his body at the end of 3b.

Kate and Gerard: Completely over them.

Malia: Love her. She cracks me up.

Malia and Stiles: Not into it.

Scott: Still in this show, right?

De-aged Derek: AWESOME. I mean, I'm happy to have him back to his gorgeous grown-up self, but I found kid-Derek highly amusing. Especially the bit where his frenemy relationship with Stiles was basically exactly the same, even without any of his memories.

I'd really like to know what the change in Derek's eye color means! I mean, it's Teen Wolf, so whatever it means will probably be bullshit, but I'm still interested.

In other news, I'd like about a million more scenes of the sheriff trying to figure stuff out and making wild guesses about random impossible things, please.
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