The Slap: Aisha
March 20, 2015 11:35 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Aisha attends a medical conference in Boston, where she makes the same mistake as Hector did, only with more bra and panties showing. Gary explodes at Rosie for her obsession with the assault case, but while he is watching Hugo's basic brattiness at a playground, he discovers that a PI is watching it too.
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Eh. Didn't get as much out of Aisha's story as I had hoped. Like, she really is being put in a unique position of should I lie for my in-laws or tell the truth for myself but then the whole thing is hand waved away at the end. We could have had somebody (either Hector or Aisha or Harry's wife) go up to fancy lawyer right after the family meeting and tell him that he can't put Aisha on the stand because she'll have to say some not great character witness stuff.

Also, Uma Thurman proves to be miscast again in this. She's so weird and intense that it would make more sense for Aisha to not trust her with the kids either.

I think, they did well conveying the feeling of marrying into a family that's part of another "tribe" though. When everyone speaks Greek around Aisha, she nails the "Come on, I know you're talking about me" vibe.
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So THAT's why Aisha is always so busy with "work"-- she's non-monogamous! Nice! I laughed at the awesome way she revealed this to Hector in the car.
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This was not my favorite episode.
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