The Slap: Rosie
March 26, 2015 8:52 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Hugo starts out at a new school by doing what Hugo does best, and therefore gets gently kicked out of the school by the end of the day. Rosie panics and proceeds, over the course of the day, to ruin everything.

I was hoping for insight into why Rosie is such a ridiculous hippie -- an unhappy childhood? perhaps out in the Midwest? causing her to fake a ridiculous '50s NYC accent to try to fit in? Yet, no. Her approach to family life and parenting comes off so badly that it seems as if this show was partly funded by the wooden spoon and paddle industries.

Then Gary does what every man in this show does when he feels threatened by a woman's exercise of autonomy, which is to go after another woman.

And yet, I will tune in next week, I expect.
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I wasn't sure where they were gonna go with Rosie. A half hour about how she's a hippie mom wasn't needed, we all got that from the first episode. The courtroom stuff didn't quite live up to my expectations. Definitely would have preferred a jury trial so we could get some nice stereotypical shots of jury member responses.

But yeah, I'll watch next week. Just like all the characters, I'm looking forward to putting this whole thing behind me.
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I hate all of the characters on this show as people, and the writing is full of cliches, but the acting is so good that I have to keep watching.
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I liked the Austrailian version more. I wonder which is closer to the book.
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The director of Hugo's school exercised so much restraint when Rosie kept making excuses for him. The looks on her face were priceless.

It was so interesting what Hugo said about Rocco's daddy (Harry) giving him candy! I doubt that really happened, rather that is Hugo's way of saying he needs more boundaries from the other adults in his life.

I was sure Richard's mom was going to slap Rosie.

"partly funded by the wooden spoon and paddle industries" -- ha ha, so brilliant, Countess Elena!
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