Girls: Home Birth
March 23, 2015 9:10 AM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Caroline's home birth does not go as planned. Shoshanna considers her options. Ray and Desi have it out, with some repercussions for Marnie.
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As someone whose birth did not go as planned six months ago, I enjoyed this episode (even though I don't understand why they would carry Caroline to the hospital. Call the fucking ambulance!) I love Caroline and Laird together and hope we get to see them parenting next season.
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Wow, I totally forgot Fanfare existed and that I could talk about shows I watch with other Mefites!

How do people feel about Adam? Personally I strongly dislike him and just hope to hell this ending means he won't be on the next season. Though really, Hannah is mostly just terrible too; I was like "noooooooo Frannnnn save yourseeeeeelf" when the camera revealed the two of them traipsing through the snow. I am definitely in the (apparently large, to read Onion AV Club reviews) camp of "these people are all awful, why do I watch this show".
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I like Adam a lot.
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I like all of them. They make me cringe and they talk too much about bullshit but I'm always hoping for the best. I really hope Jessa has a good arc next season. Jemima Kirke would have to be one of the most underrated actors working today.
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Well, I don't really like Shoshanna, but am I meant to?
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One of the recaps I read yesterday mentioned that Lena Dunham has said that Adam's character is the Mr. Big of this show, so I think he will continue to be in and out of the series. I liked him more in this season than in previous seasons.

It's interesting to consider this as a response to Sex and the City. I was in my early 20s when SatC was on the air, and now I'm in my late 30s while watching Girls. I hated the SatC characters, but I don't hate the characters on Girls. I think the difference is that SatC was presented as aspirational, while Girls is cringe humor. SatC was adult women with fully-formed terrible personalities in place, while Girls is young women in (what I take to be) the self-involved phase of the early 20s. I am not sure how much of this is me watching these shows at different points in my own life.

I love the idea of Shoshanna really going to Japan, and I hope they don't walk it back after a couple of episodes like they did with Hannah going to Iowa.
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Shoshanna is my favorite. Go Team Shosh! I'm glad she's going to Japan and not becoming Jason Ritter's trophy wife.
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