Shameless (US): Where There's a Will
March 23, 2015 4:36 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The Gallaghers’ cousin, Patrick, is trying to take their house away from them by enforcing Aunt Ginger’s will, which superseded the Gallaghers’ version of her will at the end of the previous episode. The Gallaghers know both wills are fraudulent, but they can’t reveal how they know.

The Gallaghers take desperate measures to get rid of Patrick, but nothing seems to work … until Tony comes over to enforce the will and Debbie accuses Patrick of molesting her.

Sheila kicks out Frank (since Karen is back). Frank goes to court-ordered AA, and meets Chris — er, Christopher! — who asks Frank to be his sponsor. Frank agrees to this once he realizes he’ll be able to live with Christopher. But Frank realizes Christopher was lying about being an alcoholic. Kevin and others at the bar get Frank worrying that Christopher is going to kill him, but Christopher assures Frank he doesn't have any "perverse or sexual" interest in Frank — although if Frank really wanted to have sex with him, he'd try. He’s just lonely and clingy.

Karen and Sheila go to a Down’s syndrome meeting, which turns into a movement.

Jimmy freaks out when he tries to do Fiona’s job along with her (cleaning up a burst effluent tank at a slaughterhouse), so he gets a job as a barista instead. One of his old classmates from medical school, Andy, runs into him while ordering coffee at the cafe where Jimmy works (Jimmy calls himself a "management trainee"), and later Jimmy has dinner with Andy and some of his other old friends from med school.

Lip sees Karen — briefly, outside, so as not to upset Mandy. Karen appreciates the message Lip left for her when she was away (the one where he told her to go f__ herself) because it was nice to hear his voice. Mandy gets jealous and tells Lip to tell her if he has a problem with her being in his house. Lip agrees: “I have a problem with you being here. You act like we had a conversation — never happened.” Lip goes back to Karen and they have sex.

Sheila confronts Karen about the fact that Karen told Hymie’s grandmother, Ms. Wong, to take Hymie, but Karen had told Sheila she wanted to see Hymie.

V is upset that her mom, Carol, is getting dolled up, bringing wine and music, and asking for oral sex while trying to conceive with Kevin. V tells her it should be more like a “procedure” than a “date.” Carol disagrees: “If we’re gonna do this, we might as well get some ambience up in here!” V calls off the sex, and Carol walks out, while Kevin says: “We’ll call you!”

Debbie puts on a short dress Mandy gave her, and Fiona tells her she’s not wearing it to school.
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