The Good Wife: Undisclosed Recipients
March 29, 2015 9:30 PM - Season 6, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Alicia pisses off everyone who thinks she's bought her, and then the firm's e-mails for the last four months get hacked. With e-mails from the last two years to come tomorrow.

Alicia manages to piss off Castro (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL ELECTION, YOU OILY CREEP? No, seriously, where has this guy BEEN? This plotline sucked without his evil to motivate it), Redmayne* and Bishop** with super blunt honesty that she won't give them anything they want even though she is bought and paid for. Eli comes and screams at her to start saying weasel things like "I'm listening" and "All options are open." Alicia offers the #2 job to Finn, who hedges.

* Who said he's into feet, compared Alicia's to a whore in Arizona, and then demanded she hire his guy as her #2
** Who told her he wanted to quit the biz and wanted her to kill Geneva Pine's investigation of him. Alicia said she would if he turned over his lieutenants. HELL MOTHERFUCKER NO, Bishop said, along with the usual "you're making a huge mistake."

Meanwhile, Alicia has to divest her financial holdings in FAL, and then someone posts all of the firm's e-mails online. And hoo boy, they're all offensive. "Oh great, more affirmative action." (David on Julius) "Racist fruitcake," (Julius on David) "has he DONE Gilbert or Sullivan?" (unclear) "I did Kalinda in a supply closet," (Howard, the liar) "McVeigh needs to lay the stick out of her ass," (Cary!) some guy picks his nose during meetings, etc, etc. Alicia is immune because they only released the last four months, when she was using campaign e-mail. But the hacker threatens to out the next two years of e-mail next, which will totally out Alicia's affair and a late period she had once, and who she calls a sexist pig, etc. There's also the Wharfmaster case, involving movies being stolen/posted online, amusingly enough the movie maker apparently posted his own movie. Ahem. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Alicia and Cary admit they said nasty things about each other when they were fighting and agree to delete them. Alicia tells Marissa through all of her e-mails. Kalinda gets a hacker on the case to attempt to track down the culprits. Apparently the Wharfmaster dude was bitching online and may have incited a riot. The bad e-mails...are from Will, of course. Oh, and what's this about Alicia making a crack about a one night stand to Johnny? Anyway, Alicia pressures the firm to settle and get out of this Wharfmaster case, but their client won't let them.
Nathan of Wharfmaster is caught perjurying himself because he downloaded the movie illegally. Whoops. And then the filmmaker's company's e-mails just got hacked. Time to take the deal, FAL.

Alicia (against Eli's screaming) starts pre-apologizing and giving weasel answers to everyone she pissed off earlier. She'll decide in 48 hours. She'll decide in 48 hours. In 48 hours either everyone forgets about it or is pissed off.

Julius (back from NYC) attempts to be nice to David, who is all "Fruitcake?!" SO THAT WENT WELL.

FAL use this as a way to lower the money Alicia should get for leaving ("now we have to buy all new computer equipment!") and Alicia is all "Just so you know, this won't affect any of my decisions as state's attorney." They see it as a threat. Alicia gives Eli the same load of bull he told her to tell everyone else when he suggests a #2. Alicia has told all these people she'll decide in 48 hours...lemme guess, the next episode is "48 Hours?" I bet Bishop won't forget to check...

Okay, upon seeing the preview, it looks like it only gets worse from here on in. I have been wondering when that Will stuff is going to drop...

"Is it really made out of human teeth?" -Marissa to Redmayne about the chess set he claims to have sent Alicia.
"There was this whore in Arizona, what was her name, Crystal?" --Redmayne
"It's like a pirate ship here." -Cary
"It's just hot. And gassy. You eat a lot of falafel." --Marissa on living in Israel, telling Grace not to do it.
"YOU'RE GOING TO CLEAN THAT UP!" --Diane to the lady who spit on her door.
"our favorite wife-killing psychopath" --Will on Colin Sweeney, in absentia.
"NEVER apologize beforehand!" -Eli
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as part of drama, i like how selfish and unredeemable Alicia has become, and i ind her isolating herself fascinating, and her failure at redemption this season, and htey are balancing secondary charachters super well.
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Entertaining as it was, having lawyers of all people putting that kind (and quantity) of dirt into permanent communication seemed far-fetched to me. Every other week they're subpœnaing people's email communication on behalf of their clients, and their own firm(s) have been investigated more than once over the years.
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Yeah, I kept thinking how at my work they're all "anything you write can and will be used against you if someone sees it." I try to be perfectly impeccable about things even though I know anything can doom you now and I haven't been perfect enough, I'm sure, but...seriously, writing some of that shit about people you supposedly like most of the time? Ouch. Also, taunting sexy e-mails--same thing, get a private account for that.
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I can't believe that after the crap I talked about this show only two weeks ago, I loved this episode. I don't which was better: the "Say what, now?" look Bishop gave Alicia when she suggested he rat out his lieutenants, or when Finn said, "Bygones". (Nice callback to Ally McBeal, which sort of blazed the trail for all future "lady lawyer" shows.)

It was also nice to see Alicia physically interacting with the other characters after so many weeks of pretty much no or only virtual contact. They still didn't manage to get her and Kalinda in the same room though. Wonder if there's a restraining order we don't know about...
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Spoiler for the season finale: Alicia and Kalinda accidentally walk into the same room. They both panic and then there is a blinding explosion. The two, who it turns out were alternate universe versions of each other, have merged into a new being who calls herself Alicia but wears shorter skirts. She spends Season 7 prosecuting criminals outside the courtroom using a baseball bat.

(Yeah, it's a joke, but I have to admit I would watch that show)
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Agree, fuse theorem—this was a way better episode than in recent weeks. Love the ensemble cast back under one roof. Also interesting to watch how malleable Alicia is willing to become when the advice comes from the right person (i.e., Eli).

Most of all: LOVE the pivot to Marissa being Alicia's "executive assistant." I know it's total fanservice, but I don't care. I feel like the writers are just saying, "Yeah, we know, you like Marissa better than almost any other character. We do too. Let's find some excuses to keep her around." The scene with Grace and Marissa (or as we sometimes call her in my home, Better!Grace), was cringeworthy in the best way. We cheered when Alicia entered and sent Grace away so she could have a scene with Marissa going over her scandalous (and scandalously stupid) emails.
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The Fug Girls do some pretty solid and enjoyable recaps of The Good Wife.

You want to hire Finn for deputy, Alicia? Are you fucking kidding us? Have you even looked around at the available applicants to find out who would be the best fit for the job? And have you given even two seconds thought to the fact that it would be a terrible idea to hire someone you're probably going to eventually bang some night in your office? How is this not a total Peter move?
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Yeah, I enjoyed this episode a lot -- I like Alicia's slow but direct descent into giving up on ethics. I do think offering Finn the job is a bad move though not out of character. This episode made the boring politics plots worthwhile.

I really love Marissa, and I think that the producers of TGW respond appropriately to fans. Also I love Marissa.
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Why does a hack of Florrick Agos Lockhart end up revealing Lockhart Gardner emails?
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Grace is such a square, she used Google and not ChumHum!
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