You Must Remember This: 39: Star Wars Episode XIII: Walt Disney
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Walt Disney changed Hollywood and brought millions of children and adults boundless joy. And yet, Disney's legacy is marred by the common perception that he was also a racist, misogynist and anti-semite.
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Thanks for posting this... I've been meaning to give this podcast a listen and this seems like a good entry point.
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It's seriously good - I hope you like it. Also start at the beginning of the Star Wars series if you like this one. The stuff before that is good, of course, but I love the stories about Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen and it just kind of builds on that momentum.
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I'm glad to see this up podcast making the list! Though I'm still on episode 32 (Marlene Dietrich); this will give me the incentive to catch up so I can join the discussion.
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