My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 249: Toyota Bigraft
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Can any of us really be sure that we've ever actually been on a boat? Really do a deep dive into your own nautical memories, and realize the horrifying truth. Boats are a lie.   Suggested talking points: Blartwatch 2, Silent Lawnmowers, Fishgetter X, Montana Law, Cloud Peen, Cafe Arbando's, Dune Butt, House Reviews
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Lately I've been paying more attention to when Justin mispronounces things. The two standouts this episode: Or-gee and microphlone.
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He also intros MBMBAM as an "advice show for the mod-ren era" instead of "mod-ern" 99% of the time. (Not this week's episode, randomly -- I just checked!) I've never heard of modern being pronounced "modren" -- is this a thing? (Also, weirdly enough, when he uses the word "modern" during the rest of the podcast he always pronounces it "modern".)
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