Veep: Tehran
May 4, 2015 8:47 PM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Selina goes to Tehran on the first presidential visit since the Revolution, where she gets delayed trying to free an American reporter whose has been detained. The VP takes over some of POTUSs duties, including a speech for the "Rainbow Jersey," Dan looks for work on K Street, and new running mates for Selina are floated.
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Was Selena actually high on uppers of some kind and I missed it or just loopy from lack of sleep or something else entirely?
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She sniffs a bit and I assumed she was on some coke/uppers/whatever cause ..that's what's those people do (oh the stories of JFK and legal speed!) But it fit into a Story about something that should be easy turned just awful
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My husband asked the same thing re what was she on. I kept expecting there to be some sort of reveal/payoff, with the ambien, hiding the champaign, the attempted booze bribe and subsequent mess... But I guess not?

Lol to Amy and Dan; though I was sure they'd end up back at Dan's, only to find the highly objectified woman he was promised there. But the pre-empted rebuff was pretty amazing. And the "they keep pulling the plug to charge their cell phones."

I'm having far too much fun imaging the ridiculous celebratory dancing and cursing from a sitting president, fictional or not. It has much more impact than as veep; the vp position is award less dignified and a bit silly. And Selena; the sitting president, peeking around the corner to see how it's going with Ben and the previously detained reporter was so fucking beautiful.

Poor Jonah.
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Wasn't there some sort of mention of taking Adderal? Not to mention that she was pretty high on the string of successes she'd just enjoyed; the irony of this season is that as many indignities as she and her staff have suffered (and the foreshadowing is pretty heavy that she won't win the election), from a policy and accomplishments perspective it appears she's actually hitting it out of the park.
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I just love Amy (she's the character I identify with) and she had some great lines tonight.
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It is a minor point, but they got Iranian female dress all wrong in this episode - based on the extra in the background whenever we saw the airport. I saw women in those Afghani blue "shuttlecock" burqas and Saudi-style black niqab with the eye slit. I've been to Iran and through Imam Khomeini airport (where the episode was primarily set) and I almost exclusively saw standard Iranian manteaux and headscarves (for the younger and richer set, the headscarf being loose and pushed far back on the head). Even conservative Iranian women just wear a black abaya with an open face, often pinching it together under their chin with their hand. Burqas and niqabs are really uncommon in Iran outside Arab or Afghani immigrant communities. I don't know why this bothered me so much, but both my wife and I noticed it and commented on it to one another. I suppose you can say those women were not Iranian, but rather people of other nationalities passing through, but I doubt that sort of thought was put into it by whoever did the costuming.
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