This American Life: #555: The Incredible Rarity of Changing Your Mind
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We tend to give credit to those who stand by their beliefs. But sometimes it requires even more courage to change them. This week, stories of people reconsidering how they really feel about their enemies, their homes, and themselves. We also talk to a girl named Zalena, who finds herself in a pretty unexpected place.
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My overriding impression of this episode was how much more mature Zalena is than me.
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Yeah. Man, did I feel sorry for her having moved to Whittier...especially since I'd heard of Whittier.
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Yes! I live in Anchorage, about an hour away from Whittier. It is a weird place- there's a whole song that starts "Nothing could be shittier than to find yourself in Whittier in the mo-o-thing!" for a reason. I have been there a lot- it is a good place to leave for kayak trips- and about 50% of the time I'm there it feels like it's about 38 degrees and raining, with gale-force winds. I felt for that kid and I am glad she found some happiness and acceptance.
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I was struck by the first piece. The organizing strategy reminded me of Motivational Interviewing which is as far as I know the most evidence based strategy for building behavior changes. I couldn't tell if they just stumbled on some of the same techniques or if someone intentionally tried to apply it to that context.

One difference though is the bit about sharing your personal story: You can see why actually meeting a gay person (or person who has had an abortion) and having a low-pressure conversation with them where you understand your impact on their lives would make a big difference. Most people are pretty reasonable, given the opportunity.
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FPP on retraction of the study the first act is based on.
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Uh-oh, somewhere Ira Glass is wincing at another retraction again.
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