Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Det. Dave Majors
May 3, 2015 8:35 PM - Season 2, Episode 21 - Subscribe

When Jake is assigned to a case with Dave Majors (special guest star Garret Dillahunt), a seasoned and gritty detective from another precinct, it's like a dream come true -- until he finds out that Dave is interested in going out with Amy. Back at the precinct, as Terry mulls a job offer from an elite private security firm, Gina and Boyle do everything in their power to convince him to stay.
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I love Garret Dillahunt so much, and this was a perfect role for him.

Terry Crews' expression of surprise at the vest blowing up was the best bit of acting I've ever seen on this show, because you cannot tell me that he hasn't done that to half the clothes he's ever worn.

I wish we hadn't gotten the double-hair-back move from Amy -- she doesn't want to go out with Dave Majors because they might have to work together? They're in different precincts. She's never going to see him again if they break up. She's clearly pining for Jake just as hard as he's pining for her but really doesn't want to screw up their work relationship.
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Rosa doing the double tuck was gold, though.
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I was so happy to recognize Garret Dillahunt's face, too! He's a delight. I would watch him in all the things. He also seemed like a good fit for the B99 mood, with a core of legitimacy but more than capable of silly things. I hope he's a recurring guest star and gets to interact with the other characters.

I don't hope he keeps up any interest in Amy though because if they try to pull more love triangle bizz I'll give up a lot of the hope I have in this show to not, ultimately, be the same old tired crap. Basically I'm ready for Jake and Amy to get together and for it to not be the thrust of any given plot, because they've built out the characters enough now to show they'd be a good fit (if they both try a little bit sometimes) and it's a workplace comedy, not a romantic farce. Continuing to milk that tension for yet another season is boring and risks boxing Amy's character in as "love interest" when she's been so successfully depicted as much more. And in Jake's case it's just repetitive. Their unresolved feelings for each other are not the most interesting things about them, and there's plenty of material to explore (and exploit for laughs) if they just get their shit together relatively soon, instead.

Anyway, apart from that mishegoss, I liked Rosa very much in this. Her off-screen relationship does seem to be affecting her character a little bit, thank goodness. And the way she is with Jake is super cute. I love that she doesn't feel defensive or protective around him so we get funny moments like her "double tuck" and wordless conversation-laden glares.

This episode was a much better example of the show's ensemble nature than last week's. We got a little bit from everyone and nothing felt wedged in or missing. A solid mid-season offering with a lot of surprisingly subtle character development and plenty of good-natured humor. Where's a gif of Terry bursting the puffy vest?
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I totally didn't realize that was Garret Dillahunt.
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It took me half the episode to recognize him as well, mostly because I'm used to seeing him A) clean-shaven and B) in dramas. But yes, he's definitely one of those actors who can really ride the line between playing hard-boiled characters and goofy parodies of the same.

The Terry plot made me think about one of the big assumptions that crops up on this show and lots of other workplace comedies. In the real world of work, you have people getting hired/fired/promoted/transferred or switching careers all the time, but workplace sitcoms tend to keep their casts in a bubble of career immobility for the sake of keeping the band together. On B99, we've got a bullpen of high-achieving detectives (and Scully/Hitchcock) who have all somehow stayed in the same place and worked together for several years now. IIRC, Amy considered a similar job offer last season, but the show usually avoids dealing with this sort of thing.

It would be interesting if they attempted the same thing that happened on Parks & Rec, where a number of characters left the Parks Department but still remained on the show because of the strong relationships that had been built between them and the rest of the cast.
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This was one of the funniest episodes of this season. Every joke hit for me. Andy Samberg was particularly on form. I liked that Det. Majors was played with a couple of dimensions and seemed like more than a one-note guest character.
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Rosa doing the double tuck was gold, though.

She really did sound like Amy.
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