Attack on Titan?
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Would anyone be interested in an Attack on Titan re-watch thread? Even though it's an anime and silly at times, I think it has enough substance for discussion.
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Did it ever get better after it hit that point around 10–13 episodes in where it could have learned a thing or two about pacing from Dragon Ball Z? I ask specifically because the show began to fill us with dread (in the "we are wasting our time" sense, not the "emotional resonance" sense) at around the same point that a full episode covered literally ten seconds of in-world time
posted by DoctorFedora at 6:23 PM on May 8, 2015

OMG, I thought it was just me. I gave up after episode 10 (? or around there) and just looked up the ending. I really liked the concept but damn it was slow.
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I know people who swear by this, but -- as totally fucking eerie as the Titans are -- I lasted about three episodes before the tedium killed me.
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I loved Attack on Titan. I'd be eager to read more thoughts on it. Unfortunately, I'm in between a lot of books, TV shows, and movies so I can't rewatch it myself right now.
posted by FJT at 7:37 PM on May 12, 2015

I think that my active contempt for the show comes largely from just how exciting and promising the start was, and then how quickly it fell off. It's like someone doing a wheelie out of a helicopter on a motorcycle and the immediately hitting a parked car as soon as they land.

There's also my personal bugbear about the Blind Idiot Translation of the title making it sound like it takes place on one of Saturn's moons instead of being an accurate translation like "The Advance of the Titans" (see also: Princess Mononoke and The Cat Returns)
posted by DoctorFedora at 4:01 PM on May 13, 2015

It does have a bit of a lull in the middle but it continues to have gruesome deaths throughout. *I* think it's exciting. Also I love it because it is basically the only anime I've seen that is actively feminist, has gender-neutral costumes for both male and female characters, has powerful female characters who rescue/defeat male characters, female characters are almost never objectified, etc, and I was hoping to discuss that aspect of it. Alas it is not to be.
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...Well, now I feel bad. :(
posted by kittens for breakfast at 3:50 PM on May 14, 2015

I did like it a lot and would be happy to participate in a thread. My one issue was that one of the main character women was very interesting and feminist, but weirdly obsessed with the main character. Didn't like that.
posted by stoneegg21 at 5:25 PM on May 14, 2015

I really enjoyed AoT and I'd be interested in discussing the episodes.
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I enjoyed it but I'm one of those who went "well this is going nowhere" then picked it back up later in the series at the urging of a friend. It picks up!
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Stuck with it on the recommendation of a friend, and glad I did. But, yeah, the pacing is weird.
posted by Mogur at 9:37 AM on May 17, 2015

The 2nd season is almost upon us, I think it might be the best time for a rewatch.
posted by FJT at 2:25 PM on April 4, 2017

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