RuPaul's Drag Race: Prancing Queens
May 7, 2015 5:02 PM - Season 7, Episode 10 - Subscribe

No, really, the queens have to pair off and (a) learn choreography to a mashup of old and new musical genres--like tango/vogue and Charleston/twerk--and then (b) perform their routines while in half-male/half-female drag. Oh, and also? They have to cover their faces in adhesive tape and record fake Real Housewives intros. The ante, she is ever upped.
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This was another great episode! I wonder if the writers finally caught up with what the show could be, or if the queens all upped their game? Either way, it was tons of fun.

I don't know why Trixie was so surprised to be let go again. Ru never really brings queens back for any length of time, and Violet was right about her...if you're saved and brought back, you have to give a very compelling reason to stay.

I know this competition is probably Ginger's to win, but Katya is my absolute favorite this season and I hope she pulls an upset and wins the whole shebang. If it winds up being Pearl, I would imagine she'll drop off the radar as quickly as Tyra did.
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I think Pearl is surviving by being just above the Least Appealing in many cases.

Seriously, Katya is fantastic - Katya for #2! The super douchey boyfriend look and when (s)he said "I'm a man" were perfect! My wife and I rewound to hear that part a few times (and I rewound to re-watch her practicing her vogue walk in the background of one of the scenes) - clips of both forthcoming, because I want to be able to experience those moments forever.

Ginger was good, but didn't really shine in the episode tonight. She also isn't as strong of a lipsync performer as I had hoped, but was more fun than Trixie tonight.

Speaking of Trixie, something about her country look melted my brain a little bit. Somehow, I feel like the two halves didn't line up right, or something was off in such a way that I recoiled from her look. Not "she's hideous," but "she is literally wearing two different faces, whose face did she steal?"
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I know this competition is probably Ginger's to win, but Katya is my absolute favorite this season and I hope she pulls an upset and wins the whole shebang.

My only regret about this episode is that Katya had to share the win with Violet. Katya is every bit as talented as Ginger, though.
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Ugh, Pearl's runway look was just brutal, and her dance wasn't spectacular either. It feels like having one pair lipsynch against each other was just another excuse not to send Pearl home. I have been pretty sympathetic to her in the past, but now she has got to go.

I agree that Ginger a solid bet to win, but I am really enjoying Katya as well, and both she and Violet were super fierce in their routine.

I don't think there's any chance of Pearl winning it, and I think Kennedy is barely hanging on as well.
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Ginger is for sure a good bet to win it this season (yay!), but I think we all have to face the possibility of Violet being crowned the queen of season 7. (As much as it pains me to say it, she's actually been solid all season long.)
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