RuPaul's Drag Race: Hello Kitty Girls
May 12, 2015 8:59 AM - Season 7, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Brought to you by Sanrio.

Taken from you by RuPaul's fickle hand.
posted by psoas (16 comments total)
This was 100% sadness for me. I could see the writing on the wall when Katya kept saying that she was stumped by the challenge, which I didn't quite understand, since it wasn't a "construct from scratch using these materials" challenge, but an "add to one of your current costumes to fit the brief" challenge.

That said, wrapping a Slanket around yourself and popping an oversized stuffed animal head on your head is fashion? I mean, Santino Rice was there to judge, so you knew it would be wackadoodle, but the runway was perplexing.

Violet deserved her win; that outfit was amazing. I don't know why we have to keep seeing Kennedy Davenport, since she seems to be a nice person, but she doesn't really excel at anything. That lip sync, despite Ru being 100% captivated, didn't really work for me. Sure, point and twitch and do death drops and splits, but what that had to do with a Katy Perry song, I have no idea.

So goodbye, Katya! I think the producers underestimated you when they cast you and had to get rid of you so the "big queens and pretty young things" finale wouldn't be usurped somehow.
posted by xingcat at 10:20 AM on May 12, 2015

I suppose I’ll watch the rest of the season, but I can’t say I have any emotional investment in the outcome. There isn’t even anybody left I’m rooting against. Any one of the four could probably be as good a choice as Tyra Sanchez, I guess.
posted by nicepersonality at 10:27 AM on May 12, 2015 [2 favorites]

Pearl's runway look was poorly executed, and her face was totally Katinka from Zoolander. I actually quite liked Katya's runway look (Violet was sickening as usual), and I think Pearl should have been the one lipsynching, and that Kennedy would have crushed her (isn't it weird that Pearl's looks are always things that would be difficult to lipsynch in?).
posted by TheWhiteSkull at 2:01 PM on May 12, 2015

I am grudgingly coming around on Violet, I have to say. She actually knows things -- it's clear that she has quite a lot of skill, knowledge, and talent around fashion. Pearl otoh? Meh, bored now.
posted by KathrynT at 3:07 PM on May 12, 2015 [1 favorite]

I'm honestly surprised Kennedy's still around, but I won't begrudge her that lip-synch win. She absolutely killed it. (A far cry from last week's snooze fest.)

But there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in our household at the outcome, of that I can assure you. KATYAAAAAAAAAA! WHY?!? It should've been you, Pearl! It should've been yooooooooooou!
posted by duffell at 4:15 PM on May 12, 2015

KathrynT, while I still can't take Violet--she's an arrogant 22-year-old with all the charm of an arrogant 22-year-old--I don't deny she has some serious talent and style. With Katya gone I'm backing Ginger to the end, but I could live with a Violet win.

If Pearl pulls a Hosea Rosenberg, however, I may have to burn something to the ground.
posted by duffell at 4:21 PM on May 12, 2015

Clearly I woke up in some kind of alternate universe this morning, because there's no way that Katya's gone home while Pearl's in the top 4, right?

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*sets fire to everything and hurls self into the fucking sun*
posted by louche mustachio at 6:03 PM on May 12, 2015 [10 favorites]

At least I now give zero fucks who is in the finale or who wins. I have little investment in any of them.

I am still upset.
posted by louche mustachio at 6:04 PM on May 12, 2015

Mom. Mom is gone. Oh boy, I am so bummed. Look, Kennedy is ok, but she has been safe - or even won, parody video challenge I'm looking at you - at times that have been completely perplexing. She should have gone home last night. Her hello kitty friend wasn't as interesting or funny as Katya's, and I do think Katya's look, while deservedly in the bottom, was better than a black corset with bows glued on. C'mon.
As for the lip sync - it was a powerhouse performance. But. It didn't fit the song, it didn't build, it was sloppy. You just can't start immediately kicksplitting WHILE violently head banging in the first three bars of Roar. Just, no. Going crazy does not equal a great performance.
I'm team ginger, but mostly team who cares.
That was also the most unfunny and boring use of puppets ever. Maybe they had less time to prepare?
I don't have much to say without sounding really dour, so I'll just say Hello kitty reacting to each kitty friend made me laugh a lot and wait for next week.
posted by missmary6 at 6:40 PM on May 12, 2015 [2 favorites]

You guys, you need to watch Untucked. I'm not gonna say it gave me "closure" or wtfever but it's basically a little tribute to Katya, and it made me feel much better about life seeing how beloved and respected she was by the other queens. It also has an amazing moment where Violet reads Ginger for underselling herself.
posted by en forme de poire at 7:43 PM on May 12, 2015 [2 favorites]

Katya was robbed, ROBBED! Headbanging to Katy Perry? Kennedy put too much energy to that dance, and seemed like she was performing for a metal cover of that song.

But Violet really came out as comfortable on this episode, not just an arrogant 22-year-old. She really laughed and not in a defensive way, and that made me happy.
posted by filthy light thief at 6:36 AM on May 13, 2015

I’d be more excited about Ginger, but when she undersells herself, it’s not endearing; it’s…well, let’s be generous and call it strategic misdirection: “Oh, I can’t dance.” “Oh, I can’t sew.” “Golly gee, I’m definitely not a choreographer and award-winning costume designer with a long career performing in musical theater.”

I mean, I know drag is artifice, reality TV is artifice, and RPDR is artifice squared, but if you’re going to be so transparently manipulative in front of the cameras, you need to at least do it as well as Willam.
posted by nicepersonality at 8:22 AM on May 13, 2015 [5 favorites]

I am so heartbroken over Katya's elimination. While Violet has really grown on me, I'm not sure she's ready for the visibility required of the winner. And I really want to want Ginger to win...but did anyone else read the AV Club's review? The recapper is making accusation that Ginger is lying about her credentials to self-produce her way to an arc of redemption.

On preview: nicepersonality and I are on the same page. I feel silly for thinking this way, but as bizarre as it may seem, RuPaul's Drag Race is far less entertaining when contestants pretend to be someone they aren't (out of drag). Ginger may just be doing this more skillfully than LaGanja did, but both totally rub me the wrong way.
posted by joan cusack the second at 8:26 AM on May 13, 2015 [2 favorites]

As far as I'm concerned, the race this season is now who wins Miss Congeniality.
posted by the uncomplicated soups of my childhood at 10:32 AM on May 13, 2015

We're a Katya household, my wife and I. We lived for all the RuGrets and Ruflections and little clips of her doing just about anything. She's a genuinely inspiring and trashy and loving and brilliant person and all the top 4 are, by comparison, little dwarf stars with the luminance of a flashlight.

So if this happened, doesn't that indict the show? If your show rejects one of the best queens of any season, isn't there something wrong with the show?
posted by argybarg at 11:23 PM on May 17, 2015 [2 favorites]

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