Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-Two
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Jane's contractions begin as (almost) everyone anticipates the arrival of her baby. Meanwhile, Petra only has eyes for Rafael, and Nadine returns to Michael to offer him a deal.

Jane is on track to give birth on her due date when she convinces her mother to go with Rogelio to do their Vegas one-night-only show. Xiomara reluctantly agrees to leave, checking in with Jane every hour by phone, and swearing to be on the next flight out if anything changes.

Unfortunately for Xo and Ro, Jane goes into labor (after some Braxton-Hicks contractions) the night before their big show, and the first flight out Xiomara can get is the next morning. Xo apologizes to Rogelio for not being able to do the show, but assures him that her absence won't affect the performance too much. Rogelio is furious with her for assuming that he, too, wouldn't want to cancel the performance for the birth of his grandchild. To celebrate—and because they have nothing better to do—Ro and Xo get plastered with some Venezuelan Rogelifans. Thanks to Rogelio's delightful alarm ("It's another beautiful day to be Rogelio..."), Xo and Ro wake up in time for their flight, but they cannot remember what happened the night before.

After another pep talk from his sister Luisa, Rafael finally confesses to Jane that he broke up with her not because he didn't love her (as he told her), but because he thought he wasn't good for her. And now he wants to be with her and with their family. He also reveals to Jane all the ways he is not following in his late father's footsteps: he sold off his father's company, and canceled his meeting in Spain to make sure he would be in town for the birth of his child. Jane is touched, but not unwilling to make any additional major life choices at this point.

Jane has also been hanging out with Michael more and more, and it's after he brings her dinner and helps her with a grad school-related email that Jane's Braxton-Hicks contractions start up. Michael immediately takes her to the hospital, where Rafael arrives in time to discover that Jane is not (yet) in labor. In the waiting area, Rafael encourages Michael to leave, Michael insists he wants to say goodbye to Jane...and the two face off in a confrontation that Jane walks in on, and is so disgusted by that she calls her abuela to give her a ride home.

In between All Things Jane, Rafael is working on using Petra's unrequited love for him to force her to sell her(/Milos's...right?) shares of the hotel. Too busy to take a mystery call from Miami-Dade hospital, and with a (calculated) wandering eye, Rafael asks Petra to dinner at the same restaurant where they had their first date, and Petra is so thrilled, she visits her mother Magda in prison. Magda is unimpressed with this "wonderful" news of Petra's because she's IN PRISON.

Back at the Marbella, Petra is free to take Rafael's call from Miami-Dade, and she learns that Rafael's sperm was actually split into two vials...one of which was once lost, but now is found. At first, Petra goes to notify Rafael, but she overhears him blabbing his big mouth about his efforts to manipulate Petra, and how he only has eyes for Jane. This fuels Petra's scheming skills, and she goes to Miami-Dade to confiscate Rafael's sperm herself.

Both Rafael and Michael (separately) return to Jane to apologize for their previous behavior. During Michael's apology, he asks Jane if she also feels something more than friendship between them. Jane says that she does, and that she finds Michael "safe" and "familiar." Michael is less than thrilled with the assessment, and he leaves peeved.

After sending her Michael-approved email, Jane visits a professor of literature to beg him in person to consider her late application, but her arguments are undercut by the very real contractions she is experiencing. Jane boards the bus for home and calls Xiomara, who, along with Jane's new take-charge bus-friend Gabrielle, urges Jane to head for the hospital immediately instead. With Gabrielle's help and the encouragement of everyone on board, the bus driver makes a detour for the hospital.

At the hospital, Rafael wants to talk about their relationship, whereas Jane wants to only discuss the baby. Abuela Alba is there, but Jane is worried her mom won't get back in time. Rafael offers to call Michael to ask him to police-escort Xiomara to the hospital to get her there as quickly as possible.

Speaking of Michael, Nadine has showed up (at his house?), and wants to make a deal: she will offer the location of the Sin Rostro's plastic surgeon in exchange for the safety of her family and leniency for herself. To highlight the value of this information, Nadine says that Sin Rostro (aka, Rose Solano) has probably gotten a new face at this point, so the surgeon is perhaps the only person who can now recognize her. Michael goes with a team to check it out, leaving Nadine handcuffed to a filing cabinet (again...at his house?), only to find the plastic surgeon has already been murdered. Michael returns to Nadine to give her the bad news, but gets the police-escort request from Rafael and has to run before he can follow-up on Nadine's deal. He runs out, leaving Nadine laughably in-range of the handcuff keys.

Michael arrives with Xo and Ro, just in time for Jane to start pushing. Xiomara offers Jane the same words of encouragement that abuela offered Xo on the day Jane was born, and Jane gives birth to a SON: Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva, after her late grandfather, her family, her father, Rafael, and her family again, in that order. After some family bonding over the baby and his name, Michael apologizes to Jane for his behavior, saying he is sorry for being upset for being called "safe," but that Jane should fully focus on Mateo now. Michael returns to his apartment(?), to find that Nadine has escaped. But a quick call to his lieutenant reveals that this was by design, as Michael has planted a tracking device in Nadine's phone in the hopes that she will lead them to Sin Rostro.

After Mateo's birth, Xo and Ro are unpacking when they discover a mystery DVD in their bag. When they watch it, they discover that they (very drunkenly) got married in a Vegas chapel in a ceremony officiated by a drag queen Cher impersonator (Chad Michaels, the 2nd RuPaul's drag race alumna on this show).

Finally, a nurse comes in to take Mateo in for a hearing test...only she isn't a nurse, but rather an operative who abducts Mateo, handing him over to face-not-yet-revealed Sin Rostro!
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So many thoughts about this episode; here's some for now:

As a viewer of many soap operas and many sitcoms, I cannot believe that I did not see Xo and Ro's drunken nuptuals coming. I thought that maybe they'd miss their flight because of it and that would be the plot point, or that would be how they'd be able to do the show anyway, but then when that didn't happen, I didn't think anything of it (like "why did they write the scenes with them being hungover/almost late?") until they found the DVD.

Same thing with the hearing test nurse; I just thought "Maybe the baby will be deaf? That'd be interesting." Then I realized what was up and I flipped out.

* * *

Scene from our couch:

Me: Can you really get married by a Cher impersonator in Vegas?
My partner: If so, we should...
Me: If so, we DEFINITELY are.

* * *

I cannot wait until this fall. I need the show back immediately.
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Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! Worst ending ever ahhhhhhhhh!!! Gah I am too maternal to enjoy this storyline. GIVE JANE BACK HER BABY!!!!!
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I don't even have any babies and I cannot at all handle that twist! I just kept thinking about poor Jane all heartbroken and freaked out, and a poor newborn baby that needs his mom!! He has to drink that colostum stuff for a good immune system or something, I don't know!! What does Rose want with a baby anyway? Like, how does this even help her drug-smuggling ring? They had BETTER get that baby back in the first new episode. I am super bummed, b/c I had an Amazon season pass and was planning to start a rewatch today, and now I'm like, but it's leading up to THAT.
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I really thought that Michael was going to die in this episode, and every scene with him in it made me extremely tense. Our trusty Latin Lover Narrator said that he would love Jane until his last dying breath, which means they end up together, which maybe, but also that Michael's death is a lot closer than we'd all like to think. I haven't been able to let that line go, and in the flash bang crazy of a finale, I was expecting the worst. I mean, someone got impaled in the pilot!!
Watching the babynapping was the worst and unbearable, and if they stretch out Jane losing her infant son for too long I just won't be able to handle it. Really, I'm stressed just thinking about this imaginary TV baby being away from its imaginary TV family.
I cried when Xo rushed in to the hospital room. Three generations of women for the win.
I liked Rogelio being upset that he wasn't immediately included in baby plans. And "there are a thousand Jesus Christs, but only one Jane!" made me laugh. Jaime Camil is by far my favorite, after Gina Rodriguez.
I tried out this show half-heartedly, but mid-way through the very first episode I was IN. this entire season has been incredible, and I can't wait to see where season 2 goes. Do you think Bridget Regan will be back as Sin Rostro (with prosthetics of some kind), or a completely new actress?
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